Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cold Turkey

So, I'm finally home from baby sitting two little monsters. I swear they make the evil looking Edward Cullen (You know, when he's saving Bella in Port Angles and he does that I'm-gunna-fuck-you-up-real-bad stare) look like a tame little kitten in comparison. Which reminds me, my friend has two kittens. Both, of which, have scratched the hell outta me and left me with a rather nice mark on my hand.
Little fuckers.

See, he's terrified!

Luckily, I'm not stupid enough (Or crazy enough) to babysit at my own place, so I was looking after them at my friend's flat... WHERE THERE IS NO INTERNET! That I did not find out until the first night and was literally going mad not being able to feed my addiction. Going cold turkey on Twilight is just down right STUPID! So I'm sat there, daydreaming about the Twilight books (Some people would say that's sad, But I don't so there) and planning on how to add more Twilight posters to a wall that's slowly getting a little too full. I'm only allowed to do the one wall, because I still live in the parent's home and one wall must stay blank, the other wall around the window is way to small for anything of importance and the other wall is, well, covered in slatters of paint. What can I say? When you have your 11yr old cousin staying around and you have a load of coloured paints and a plain white wall... What else is there to do?

But I'm rambling now, Which is a very bad thing due to the fact I can talk for England and probably the world, if I had the chance :P

So I finally get home, and start up the laptop. Which I have to say, is fucking S-L-O-W when loading. I swear it could probably put Bella's computer to shame (Book not film. In the film she has a laptop.........) and go about grabbing pictures of everything Twilight I possibly can. I swear my Twilight picture folder is the largest one on this computer, and it just keeps getting bigger. When I happen upon a fellow Twi-hard friend that is on my facebook. Well... Let's just say that for the past hour or so we have been swapping pictures and comments and Twi-blog sites. And also a lot of Twi-smut.

RPattz is panty melting, drool worthy, coma indusing and just generally FUCKING HOT!
We did make a list of other things that Mr. Pattinson was. But I think it would scar alot of people mentally what the list included and also what we would do if we could get our hands on him. All I have to say is I'm getting a large cut-out of Edward and a little Edward doll when the paycheck comes in. Mwahahahhaha (:

Uhm, what was I saying?

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