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Changing Luck: Chapter 12 - dress up

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:

Chapter 12 – Dress up

I stared at the clock. It was only half ten and I was part way through having my hair and make-up done, at the same time I might add.

I must have looked at that clock every five minutes for the past half hour. Because, as much as I loved getting dressed up, this part was boring as hell. I loved doing my own make-up because then I could get it just how I wanted. But Rachel had insisted on us getting it all done professionally. Curtsey of Jackson’s card of course.

I stretched a little, my shoulders were stiff from sitting in the same position. I had to keep my arms in front of me so that I wouldn’t get in the way or risk having my arms banged by the hairdressers or make-up artist. My neck was starting to get slightly sore as well as my scalp. Did they really have to pull my hair so much and yank in opposite directions to each other when they put the curlers in?

I looked over at Rachel, She was in her element. She was pointing to different pictures in front of her then different sections of her hair. I swear if that girl could concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes she’d be an amazing hairdresser. She didn’t require as many curlers as I did. Sometimes I really wished my hair was thinner then this wouldn’t take as long as it did. Straightening it was just as bad too.

Rachel turned her chair to me and grinned “we’re going to look amazing you know. And you hair always looks brilliant curled. I don’t know why you don’t just have it permed that way”

I glared at her and swotted at the make-up artist as she tried to put the lipstick on “Rach, I hate having my hair curled. It looks like a bird’s nest the next day and always takes me forever to straighten and get all the kinks out”

The woman took advantage of me finishing my sentence and attacked my lips with some form of lipstick and then covered it in gloss “There, done.” She said and smiled at me

“Can I see yet?” I looked up at her then at the covered up mirror with narrowed eyes. I hated not being able to see things. I may as well have been blindfolded. It really got on my nerves and I didn’t know why

“NO!” Rachel practically yelled at me and everyone surrounding us “Not until she’s done. I want her to see the finished product” she then grinned at me and raised her eyebrows in challenge.

I groaned and just slumped back into the chair before being pushed to my feet and ushered towards those huge hair dryers that look like something from an alien movie and made so much noise around your head that you couldn’t hear your own thoughts. Not that anyone would want to hear my thoughts right now.

Rachel stood up and twirled in front of the mirror. I had to admit, her hair was absolutely beautiful. She looked like she was going to a wedding, not meeting the cast of Twilight. If she had the money she’d probably look like this all the time. In fact, I knew that if she had the money she’d look like this all the time.

I drifted off for a bit, just thinking about what the day might hold. It took me a while to register the fact that the curlers were out and they were pulling the curls up and around my head. I finally came back to reality when they started using the hair pins. I swear if they’d stuck anymore in I’d be looking like a human pin cushion and my scalp would be bleeding.

They stood me up, curling the longer parts of my fringe so they’d drop around my face. Once they’d finally finished sticking the pins in my hair and pulling on my fringe before sticking some weird pink piece of hair in it they turned me towards the mirror. Finally, I would be able to see how hideous I looked.

They pulled down the material covering the mirror. It was stupid really, like some big reveal and I was a bride getting her perfect hair style for a wedding.

I took in the image in front of me. This really couldn’t be me. Could it? The make-up looked really natural; a slight rose tinge to my lips, a smoky look to my eyes to bring out the deep blue colour of my eyes and my hair… wow it looks amazing, too good to just be a day thing. It was spectacular. And the horrid pink actually worked in my chestnut coloured hair.

I had to give it to them; they’d done wonders for my look. It was absolutely amazing. “Wow. Thanks. It’s just… amazing. It doesn’t look like me…”

They all smiled at each other before Rachel hooked her arm into mine and pulled me towards the register

“Time to go. Thanks for all this on such short notice” she smiled at them and shoved a ten dollar bill into the tip jar before taking back the card and shoving the card and her purse into her bag.

She’d managed to time it so when we arrived back at the hotel it was just turning half eleven.

“Rach! We have half an hour before we have to meet them. And all though I love this hair, it’s too dressy for a day out” I pulled a little at one of the pins which resulted in a short, sharp slap coming to my hands as Rachel batted at me hands

“Quit it! Leave the pins alone. It looks good and Jackson will love it” she grinned at me. Bleh, she was doing this to get Jackson to like me and she’d do anything to get us together because that meant that she’d get money by proxy because she was my best friend. Why that sneaky little…

I was interrupted in that train of thought by a shirt and pants flying at my head which I swiftly ducked out of the way of before glaring at Rachel “Why are you throwing clothes around the damn room!?”

She grinned at me and pointed to the pink plaid shirt and black jeans “Put them on… ooh and this white top underneath the shirt. It’ll look good”

I groaned a little and picked the top from my hair. Luckily she’d thrown one with a wide neckline so it’d be easy to get over my head. I pulled on the plaid shirt, leaving it open, before pulling on the jeans looking over at Rachel as she pointed to a box on the bed

“I got you some new quiksilver shoes. They’re the same as the ones you have at home. You know the black ones with the white on them? I even got you some of those damn pink monkey laces that you love so much” she grinned up at me as she pulled on a gorgeous summer dress. We were polar opposites when it came to dressing. She was far more girly then I ever was.

I pulled on my shoes and turned to her “I like the look, but the hair doesn’t really go with it” I pulled at a few pins, managing to take them out but the tangle of curls stayed in place

“It looks good, come on or we’re going to be late” she glanced at her watch and moved towards the door, I followed her slowly and stepped out into the hall and straight into Jackson

“Ooh sorry sir…” I looked up slowly and stepped back quickly, blushing as I went when I realised who I’d just walked into

He just grinned and hooked my arm in his as Rachel shut the door behind us before she linked up with his other arm

“I don’t mind getting walked into, especially if it’s something as beautiful as you are Sammie” he smiled at me and looked up at my hair with a questioning look as we stepped into the elevator

I just gave Rachel a pointed look and he seemed to understand immediately “Ooh. The paps are outside, so you may want to keep your head down and head straight for the car” he said as the elevator dinged to tell us it was our floor

Rachel and I looked at each other and just nodded as the doors of the elevator opened and we were blinded by the flashes of cameras. I swear the only way we finally reached the car was the simple fact that Jackson was holding onto both of us and leading the way through the blinding light.


Rachel’s hair is one of those gorgeous styles you see at a wedding or something. This is how I imagined Sammie’s though. (It’s the first picture, the broad with the green hair and red eyes)

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