Monday, 17 August 2009

Watch out Kellan. We're coming.

So, I was randomly chatting to TG and looking through the internet when I came across the fact that there was a Twitour in Birmingham next month. I mistakenly (Not really a mistake) showed this website to her which instantly went from me being "Ooh, I want to go but don't have enough money" to me finding anything and everything that wasn't bolted down to be sold at a car boot sale

We'll be the ones in the middle yelling for people to come buy stuff

TG and I are as bad as each other. I know that she would have said we have to go no matter what, and I knew she'd think or a way for us to go. Even though we are strapped for cash.

I swear we're as bad as each other. The car boot sale isn't tell this Sunday (In warrington, if ya'll can go. GO!) but we're both already collecting as much junk valuables as we can. Which then leads to us bugging, badgering and nagging the fuck out of anyone within a ten metre radius for things we can sell.

I'm even going to sell some of my porcelain dolls just to go see Kellan and Chaske. And people who know me know that when it comes to my dolls, I don't want to part with them for anything. But none of them will be going for less than £10.

But, not only are we selling shite fine quality products to go see Kellan. We're also saving up the money left over to go see Bitten. Which is a True Blood tour!!

I have to say I haven't slept at all these past two days. And the hype has still not worn off. This could not get any better =D

If anyone has any hint as to what else we can do to raise money, sort of selling off body parts, then I welcome the idea's!

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