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Changing luck: Chapter 3

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe :P

Chapter 3

I turned back to Jackson and grinned “Just me and you it looks like”

He grinned back at me and nodded “Yeah, it looks like it. So, you want to meet the rest of the cast then?”

My heart froze in my chest as I looked at him. I could tell my face showed just how shocked I was. I managed to compose myself again and get my heart started. “I, uhm, wow. I’d love to, but you see, Rachel and I have the most basic funds you can live off with us. I don’t think it would be possible to get there. Sorry.”

My heart sank into my stomach because I really wanted to meet the rest of the cast. If only I’d thought to bring more money. If I’d only thought to save more money.

Jackson just nodded and sighed a little “That changes things then doesn’t it” My heart plummeted deeper. He wouldn’t be interested in some poor, little English girl. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to lend you cab fare then so you can get up to the set.

I sat there stunned. He wasn’t shallow in the slightest. Without thinking I threw my arms around him and hugged him tight. He laughed and hugged me back

My eyes went wide as I realised what I was doing. I quickly unwrapped my arms from around him and laughed nervously “Sorry about that, it just took me by surprise. But as much as I would love to accept, I have to decline” Rachel was going to kill me for this. Well Rachel didn’t have to know, did she?

He pouted a little and frowned. He looked like a god even when he pulled a face like that; he looked like he was deep in thought as I watched his face, his eyes watched me.

“Right then” His voice suddenly breaking the silence made me jump and I flushed a little bit from embarrassment “I’ll have a cab pick you up at twelve tomorrow, and no argument, or I’ll tell your friend”

I couldn’t help but smile at his impish grin. He didn’t know our room number and I couldn’t be the only Samantha in the building. So he was joking with me. It seemed so natural. Like I’d known him for ages and this was how he’d always been

“Fine, I give in. Just don’t tell Rachel. You don’t have to live with her” I faked a shudder and smiled at him.

“Okay, I promise not to tell Rachel. What’s your room number? I’ll have them call you when the cab’s arrived” He was still smiling at me; he seemed so at ease talking to me. I wondered if this was the first time he’d offered to pay for a person he’d met half an hour ago to come meet the rest of the cast.

“My room number is…” I paused and burst out laughing, my face going a little red as I looked at him “My room number is one hundred”

He looked at me and then laughed as it sunk in “It was fate! The tickets, the room number, bumping to you in the bar” he continued to smile at him

His cheek muscles must be hurting from smiling. But I was smiling just as much and I felt just fine “Yeah, it must have been. Either that or just a real big coincidence. Hey, you didn’t secretly plan all this, did you?” I eyed him with fake suspicion, my smile firmly in place

He held up his hands and sighed in mock defeat “You found me out. I thought it would be harder for you to work out. I must work on my deception skills more”

“Well, you have your facial expressions down to a tee. I was truly scared stiff when Jasper was snapping at Emmett and trying to munch on Bella” I prodded his shoulder and glared a little, my smile refusing to budge as I did so

“HA! I’m glad I scared someone. Ashley laughed a few times when we did that scene. I tried to be scary, but even when I watched it back, I had to laugh. I looked so strange”

He grimaced the way he had in the movie and I mock shuddered and cringed back as I made a cross with my fingers “Eek! Help!”

We both burst out laughing again and I looked around us. The foyer was beginning to fill slightly and curious eyes watched us as we laughed. But I didn’t care. I was talking to Jackson Rathbone and I was enjoying it.

“So, you team Edward or Jacob?” He asked when we’d finally calmed down enough to speak to each other.

“Actually, I’m team Jacksper…” I looked away from him and too a far wall, Tracing the pattern on the painting with my eyes.

“Jacksper? What’s… ooh! You mean Jackson and Jasper?” He looked straight at me and grinned wide.

I looked back at him and nodded a little “That’s right. Jasper may be odd but I like him. And you’re a great musician and, although you already know this, you’re hot” I shrugged a little and measured his expression carefully

“So, I actually have a fan base? Well Jacksper has a fan base?” he continued to smile at me. Obviously he enjoyed making me say I liked him. Ego boost I’d say, though in the time I’d talked to him I knew it was different than that. He was just teasing me, most probably.

“Yeah, you have a fan base. Do you think girls throw themselves at you for the sheer hell of it? Just you wait until Eclipse has come out. You’ll be in for it then you know” I grinned at him and wagged my finger a little

He laughed and nodded a little before putting his arms up so he looked like he was going to box with me “Ooh yeah, the girls love a guy who can fight. I mean, look what it did for Rob”

I burst out laughing and punched him softly on the shoulder “Hell yeah, I always thought Rob was cute, but I probably have as many pictures of you on my wall as I do of him.” Probably more, I corrected in my head

“You have posters of me? Hmm, that’s interesting.” He rubbed his shoulder and feigned hurt. He sniffled a little as he rubbed at his shoulder “That hurt you know, I could be off work for weeks. Then what would they do without me?”

I hummed a little and rubbed my chin as I looked at him “I’m sure your double can do as good a job as you, probably. No, if he could do better they would have employed him” I glanced at him and grinned a little

We continued talking for what seemed like hours. It was so easy to talk to Jackson, like I didn’t have to watch what I would say in case I offended him or someone around us. It was like I’d known him for a long time, like we’d been childhood friends and knew each other inside and out. He was like my best friend. It was amazing, and strange to have someone who understood me and still wanted me as a friend. It was nice.

We both yawned slightly and laughed at each other

“Jinx!” We yelled at the same time and fell about laughing again. It was then I noticed that the foyer was getting fuller and a lot more people were watching us.

Jackson stretched slightly and I watched him, carefully making sure my mouth didn’t pop open as I watched him

“Unfortunately, it’s time for me to go get my make-up on. God, that makes me sound like a girl.” He looked down at me and smiled before looking at the crowd in the foyer “Plus I think people will be starting rumours if we continue for much longer. Can’t have that can we” he winked at me

I grinned up at him and nodded “Nope can’t have that. Wait, what time is it?”

He looked at his watch and groaned “It’s 8am. I’m going to be late”

“Holy crap! Rachel is going to kill me if she’s awake!” I scrambled to my feet and stretched before hugging Jackson again

“It was nice meeting you Sammie” He said as he hugged me back tightly “I’ll see you tomorrow at twelve noon”

I nodded and grinned “It was nice meeting you too Jackson. I’ll see you tomorrow”

We both went our separate ways, him towards the front doors as his body guards joined his sides and me towards the lifts


More to come soon =D
This chapter was longer because I didn’t have the heart to stop haha. I had too much fun with these two.

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