Sunday, 9 August 2009

College & Twilight

So, like, it's one of those times of day where I decide to become my own little person again. You know, have my own little... style. Well, style according to TigerGurl (Previously known as CB, SHE FINALLY GOT A BLOG! YAY!) I'd say more idiotisms... Anyway, mother dearest made sangria! You know, the spanish wine with all the fruit in it... and she made scones too! So we had jam scones and sangria at 11pm at night. As TG said "Afternoon tea, SVO Style!"

And I'm sure, as you can probably tell, I only finished off my drinks about 45 mins ago. So this is under the influence of alcohol. Uh oh! I hear you cry. Not really. Unlike most, it's mainly my body that gets drunk. My mind normally stays sober, if not giddy. It's sort of like me being hyperactive episode but my body being all sqiffy and not doing what I tell it. If you want to know what I'm like on a hyperactive episode, this picture should explain all....
I was dared god damn it. EXTERMINATE!

Yeah. Truth or dare in college is FUN! Now I suppose you're wondering if some bastard caretaker or teacher told me off. The answer, No, they did not. However, when my friend got dared to move a plastic tree into the middle of the room, he had his name taken and he was taken to see the principal.... So, moving a plastic tree = yelled at. Taking the plastic bag out of a bin and sticking said bin on my head = laughter in the hallway and absoloutly NO shouting at... It was rather weird. (All this done WITHOUT alcohol... Just give us a bag of skittles and watch the fireworks and crazy shit hit the fan)

Ooh, and those chairs in the background. I MADE THEM DO THAT! Haha. This is our hallway. Our group used to sit in one of the corners (and when I say group I mean FUCK LOADS of people)

About half the group (It was fancy dress day. I'm hiding under the Leopard print dressing gown and using TG as a pillow)

And we didn't have any seating. They used to try and move us, until I got onto the student council. Que diplomatic bullshit and quoting figures to prove the fact that there wasn't enough seating in the two small food courts and on the actual grounds (open to us at breaks and lunch) to seat all the students. Then the seats got put in. Win for SVO and all her cronies friends =D

This place is also where I was introduced to Twilight. Well, not the hallway, but college. My crazy ass friend who used to sit with me in Psychology was blabbering about sparkly vampires and an accident prone teenage girl (I was accident prone in college so when Twilight was introduced to the college, I was told I was like Bella... ALOT!), so I thought it was just another one of those stupid novels... How bloody wrong I was. Crazy ass friend leant me the Twilight book and I fell in love, I honestly debated with myself about keeping the book. It went a little like

"I like this book. You can't keep it. I know I can't, but the boook! No, give it back, it's not yours. THE BOOK! No, it goes back, TOMORROW! But, but, one more read? Fine, then it goes back"

I had it for about 2 weeks and read it four times while I had it. Luckily I have my own copies now. And a wall dedicated to Twilight. Well, a wall, a side of my desk and a bit of my cupboard =D

Not the final version. There's alot more now.
Where the picture of the fairy is, there's now Jacksper, Ashlice and a picture of both of them =D

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