Friday, 28 August 2009

Changing Luck: Chapter 11 - Bruise

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe :P

Chapter 11 – Bruise

I collapsed onto the bed and yawned loudly. Today had been long, embarrassing and awful tiring, but also one of the best days of my life. I had a new dress bought for me by Nikki and Ashley and we’d had a meal with the rest of the cast. I was ready to sleep.

Unfortunately, Rachel had had more sleep than me and was still riding the high from meeting everyone

“Oh… my… god. We’ll get to see the whole cast tomorrow. I wonder why they’re in LA. Because they should be in Vancouver if they’re filming Breaking Dawn. But, oh, oh! They’ll be doing make-up and clothing sets and they’ve got Twi-con and there’s Jackson’s band playing!” Rachel began to talk faster than normal then.

I groaned and rolled onto my side, pulling the pillow over my head as I yawned loudly before giggling to myself.

My mind flickered to this morning and I smiled a little as I closed my eyes, letting out another long yawn in the process.

“Umph!” I gasped as the breath was knocked from me as Rachel’s knee connected with my ribs “RACHEL! For fucks sake will you watch what you’re doing?”

I rolled onto my back and held my side gingerly. That was going to leave a bruise.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” she scrambled quickly off me and rushed towards the bathroom as I pressed carefully at my ribs, trying to assess the damage

Rachel ran back in and carefully placed an ice pack on my side. We’d packed a lot of medical things for the simple fact I was accident prone and Rachel tended to inflict most of my wounds upon me

“It’s okay, nothings broke. Just, very painful is all” I smiled up at her and yawned again “You should get into bed; we have an early start tomorrow”

Rachel nodded and handed me two painkillers before climbing into her own bed. I glanced over at her and the second her head hit the pillow she was fast asleep.

How I envied how she could do that. I knew that I’d be up for a long time, and now with the burning pain of my ribs. This was going to be a long, restless night for me.

I swallowed the two painkillers and let out a soft sigh, my eyes watching the patterns on the ceiling from the light slipping through the slight gap in the curtain.

I don’t know when I finally fell asleep but the next thing I remember was Rachel slowly shaking my arm and telling me it was nine a.m. and it was time to get up

I yawned and stretched. Big mistake. My ribs instantly started throbbing and I groaned a little before pulling myself out of the bed slowly

Rachel was already dressed when she walked back into the bedroom “You were talking about Jackson in your sleep last night you know” she eyed me up and grinned a little

I stared up at her. I was never one to talk in my sleep and I don’t think I’d dreamt last night “What? Are you sure? I’ve never talked in my sleep before”

She just grinned and threw some of the new clothes we’d bought yesterday at me. “Thanks” I groaned a little as I pulled off my pyjamas and assessed the size of the bruise in the mirror

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was about three ribs long and only a few inches wide. At least it wouldn’t show through my top, I just have to be careful today. That’s all.

I got dressed carefully, so that I didn’t pull my side and smiled as Rachel handed me two painkillers “Thanks, I think I’m going to need them today. So, put the packet in your bag please”

She nodded and instantly shoved the packet into her bag along with a bottle of water

I yawned again and dragged myself into the bathroom. My hair was a state but I could just stick that into a bobble for now. I looked tired, but Rachel promised makeup, which I’ll probably refuse, but it should help the bags.

I pushed my hair into a messy bun and washed my face before brushing my teeth. “Hmm” I pushed my tooth brush into my bag. If we were eating out I’d have to brush my teeth again before we met up with Jackson at twelve.

I slipped on my shoes and stepped outside. Rachel was already there, looking perfect as always. I smiled at her and pushed the room key into my bag before stretching awkwardly so I wouldn’t jolt my side.

“Right let’s go. You lead the way seen as you have it planned out” I held the door open and followed her out into the hallway before closing the door behind me


Bleh. Rib bruises hurt like a bitch. That's why I put it in here haha.

I got hit in the ribs, so it was inspiration

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