Saturday, 15 August 2009

Changing luck: chapter 2

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe :P

Chapter 2

Jackson came to his side and smiled at me too; I couldn't help but stare at them both. I could feel my mouth hanging open so I shut it immediately and told myself to 'get a grip, just treat them like normal people dammit'

“Uhm” That was the only response I could muster right now. I must be daydreaming. Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone could not be talking to me right now.

I was going crazy. What the hell was with me. ‘Get a grip Sammie, come on, get a grip!’

I regained myself and smiled as best I could “Yeah, sure. I could use the company”

We headed over to the sofas and sat down. Jackson sat next to me and Rob sat opposite me. I could feel my head swimming. This was surreal. It just couldn’t be happening, could it? Well it must be if they were both here, both sat talking to me like they were just normal people.

But that’s what they were. Normal people. Okay, they had money and had people tripping over themselves to get at them. But they were normal before Twilight, which meant that, unless it had gone to their head, which I didn’t think it had, they were normal people here.

Jackson smiled at me and held out his hand “Jackson Rathbone. But I’m sure you already know that. Still, it’s nice to be nice”

I willed my hand to stop trembling as I shook his hand “I’m Samantha. But you can just call me Sammie or Sam. Most people do.”

Jackson smiled and nodded towards Rob, who held out his hand to me “This is Robert Pattinson, heart-throb, lady-killer and a sparkly vampire in his spare time”

Rob’s hand shake was strong but still gentle. He grinned at Jackson then smiled at me. I burst into a fit of giggles. Oh no, not now, please not now. Why did I have to become hysterical now!

Jackson and Rob just looked at each other and laughed too. Rob grinned at me “It’s okay; we get a lot of girls giggling at us. It’s because we’re so damn fine. I can bring grown women to their knees. So I’ve been told”

I grinned back at him; I’d managed to calm myself down relatively fast. That was good, I wouldn’t scare them off. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’d just turned into a hysterical fan girl. Ooh no, I was calm now. Emotions locked away so a repeat didn’t happen? Check.

Both Jackson and Rob looked at each other as I took a deep breath. I wondered if they thought I was going to bolt. It sure felt like I would before I’d calmed myself. When it came to fight or flight, I was always one that took the flight option.

“I’m really sorry about that. I’ve never met anyone famous. And then two walk up and ask if I want company. I think my brain overloaded” I smiled at them, hoping to hell I hadn’t scared them off

Both just sat there grinning at me. I could see this would probably be a normal night from now on. Well, as normal as it could be with Rob and Jackson sat, talking to me

“It’s okay. Like I said, most people react that way the first time around. We’re used to it. So Sammie, where in England are you from?” Rob watched me and I could feel my eyes go wide. He wanted to know about me? Weird…

“Ooh, I, I’m from” Where the hell did I live again? Why couldn’t I remember anything when I looked at them both? I shifted my eyes down to the bottle in my hands and smiles “I’m from Chester” Finally, you idiot. At least you got your name out before without looking like a complete idiot

Jackson grinned at me “Cool. Isn’t that were footballers tend to live?”

I smiled up at him “Yeah. I suppose it is”

“So, what are you doing in Los Angeles then?” Jackson smiled at me. It wasn’t hard to see why people liked him so much. He was perfect this close up. And I knew that he looked good from further away too.

“Oh, uhm, my friend and I won tickets to see your band and because we were from England they threw in plane tickets with the accommodation. We’re here for a week. We got tickets to last night’s performance and the one at the end of the week” I blushed a little. I couldn’t believe they wanted to know about me. This was far from surreal.

Rob grinned at me “So, we get to see you and your friend at the end of the week too? Aren’t we privileged” Just as he said that his phone buzzed and he groaned a little. “Crap, I’m being called in for some make-up. See ya in make-up later Jackson. It was nice to meet you, Samantha”

I smiled up at him and gave a slight wave “It was really nice to meet you too Robert. I’m glad I went for that walk now”

He chuckled and turned towards the foyer “Call me Rob, and you should meet the rest of the cast too. I’m sure you want to anyway” With that he walked out into the foyer and, with body guard in tow, headed for the front doors.


More to come soon =D
I cut it here because, well it seemed as good a place as any
And I finally have a name for it! Hehehehe

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