Monday, 24 August 2009

Oh my gosh!!!

So, TG and I went job hunting today. Shock, shock, horror. I know. It's all in the name of Twilight (And Kellan Lutz of course). I'd probably sell my right liver if it would get me 2 gold tickets to Twitour in Birmingham next month.

The fund raising all started yesterday, with a car boot sale. And will continue for aaaages. Well, until we've earned enough money that is.

So, while job hunting, we went into HMV and I almost collapsed. As I stepped through the door, there was RPattz's face to greet me. After asking if they were looking for people and trying to force our CV's onto them, to no luck I might add, it's all done online bleh, we decided to go for a look around the shop. I almost collapsed again. THEY HAD MINI-E! God knows I've been looking for that little sucker all over (No pun intended hehe) and not found a trace of him. Till then. Something told me to go look and when I did I was rewarded. So, in true Twihard/Twitard fashion, TG and I set about taking Mini-E, and his box, (we didn't have money to buy him ): ) all around the shop and snapping pictures of him. That was AFTER we caught him that is. And trust me, it was hard to catch him

He hid behind Guns&Roses tees before we found him again

We then found him mocking Harry Potter. Even in his plastic box we could hear him

And after the mocking. He decided to pull apart the computer. He insists it was like that when he got there... But we all know different.

We decided to prise ourselves away from this plastic man god and comtinue the job hunt. I swear I heard him call after us, but we had to hurry off. We'll be back Mini-E, we promise with all our hearts.

After HMV, we then went onto Waterstone's. We nearly screamed as we entered for the simple fact they had Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse but no Breaking Dawn. I thought it was because off this stupid ass copyright thing, but we turned around and there it was. With the other 3 books.

After our day Twi-hunting Job hunting, we decided that another car boot is essential. And we both crossed our fingers and everything else that we would be able to get enough cash together to go see the gorgeous man hunk that is Kellan Lutz.

Hot and damn!!


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Oh sweet jesus...I think that's the hottest picture of Kellan EVER!! Squeeeeee!

You totally have to own your very own Mini-E. He brings the Twiangle Gals many happy thoughts and adventures :)

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

We're getting Mini-E with any left over monies we have after buying tickets to see the man god.
And I know, he's so gorgeous it's like, hot damn!
I'll have to put up the picture I screenied of him eating a cookie :P