Sunday, 16 August 2009

Blink, Blink, Blink.

So, I'm watching Twilight. And trying desperatly to count the amount of times KStew binks. It's completely and utterly nuts. I swear all she does is blink :S

Hard thing about counting was, I kept getting distracted by either blogger, twitter or someone annoying the fuck outta me on msn. (Annoying in the good way if it's TG)

And as someone rightly said. They would NOT have allowed her on the plane with the cactus. Silly people :P

But anyway, back to the blinking. Within the first 4 mins of the film she's blinked 17 times. She double blinks most of the time too. And talking to Jacob... 5 blinks in a row. KStew must have missed alot of the filming due to the fact that she was blinking for most of it.

I'm being mean. She probably had a reason to blink alot. I know that contacts hurts like a bitch if you have them in for a while and aren't used to them, that and the fact you do blink alot when getting used to them.

Buuuut, I've found that for some reason, I can't watch Twilight without the commentary over the top of it. I have to admit it does annoy the FUCK outta me in some points. Like when Bella is running away from Jasper and Alice. NO, NO, NO! I wanted the airport scene dammit!

And as much as I love Justin, he was not the person I pictured to play Eric. Christian is perfect for Angela as is Anna for Jessica and Mike for Mike.

Oh, My, GOD! I don't think anyone can disagree on this part (well, a few might, just because they'd be arguing with me) Taylor Lautner is the PERFECT Jacob. He's just how I pictured him.

I'm rambling, I apologise. And don't get me wrong. I fucking love Twilight. And yeah, I can watch it without commentary over it, but I have the commentary going through my head all the time. I guess that's what I get for watching it so many times.

Ooh, and is it just me that see's Jackson's hair as dark when he's driving the jeep into the parking lot? I'm not sure if it was just the tint, or the fact they hadn't done his hair yet. Either that or I've just never noticed that his hair isn't peroxide blonde. Hmm...

And Billy Burke is a scene stealer. Which I think is amazing. Look at the hospital scene, he pulls the curtain across and the scene is his =D

Right, I'm gunna put it down before I turn this post into a huge thing and point out all the flaws that it is. They really should remake Twilight now they have the money.

Alls I have to say now is, THANK YOU TWILIGHT! I now have a wall full of pictures, a blog, twitter and countless other things because of you. And I have a half naked picture of Taylor, from the New Moon posters, up on my wall, who some of you may not have noticed, shows a tiny bit of underwear :P

And, I should hopefully have chapter 3 up later on today. People seem to like it, I've had more hits over the past two days since I put it up then I've had since I started my blog. Hehe. Soo, Come back now ya'll :P

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