Friday, 14 August 2009


So yah. I know I've been missing for a few days but bleh. I've been to Ireland and reading Twismut. (Thanks for the links Latchkey Wife, I'm now addicted :P). The trip to Ireland was... RUSHED. We flew in one day, had lunch, slept, next day went to the Giant's Causeway (which is not as big as it looks in pictures) did a train to Belfast, had a PROPER pint of guiness and then waited for 3 fucking hours for the plane home. I swear to fucking god that waiting in that airport would have been scratch-out-my-eyes boring if:
1) I didn't have Eclipse with me
2) I didn't have my phone so I could text Twitter updates every 5 minutes with how bored I was (follow me here (: )
3) I had not just spotted the most a-fucking-mazing Eclipse book I have seen. It has RED page ends! RED!!

Could a book BE more sexy?

Anyways, The night spent in Ireland, I had this weird fucking dream. I mean so weird I HAD to write it down and make it into a story. Soo It will be started probably later on or tomorrow. Depends how much Twismut writing I can do. It's 14 a4 pages long... (:

Sooooo, I may actually start it and split it into chapters. It's NOT smut, or even centered around Bella and Edward. It's more around the actual people. And ya I know, I don't have their permission to use their image BUT it doesn't reflect them... It's just complete and utter fabrication. I'm just using their names hehehe

Ooh another thing, NO WHERE HAS EDWARD DOLLS. Mother fuckers. I think I'll have to take an hour bus journey into Liverpool, just to go to World's apart, JUST to get an Edward doll. Well it's not JUST an Edward doll. It'll be better than carting a book around with me to take pictures of at different places....

Picture this with an Edward doll. I would have been able to put him down too.
I didn't dare with this because the mother fucking wind would have blown it into the ocean.
And I love Eclipse. Wasn't gunna risk loosing it

Or Edward SAT on the train chair. Instead of me sat there reading Eclipse.
I also have NO fucking recollection of when the hell this was taken. Music was on and I was reading.
I was lost to the world at this point

Anyway. Enough of the stupid ass ramblings and off for me to type up my story...

You have been warned =D

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