Friday, 14 August 2009

Changing Luck: Chapter 1

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So like... I haven't got a title for this. I'd LOVE someone to suggest one because I have no idea myself.
But here's chapter one for you.
And be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe :P


It was 5am and I couldn't sleep, I normally fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but I was just too wound up. Rachel fell asleep with ease, she always did. No matter what happened during the day she always got to sleep with ease.

But I just couldn't believe that I was in L.A. "L.A." I repeated to myself out loud and it made me giddy. I'd always been a small town british girl. So being here, It was the most wonderful thing in the world and I was still high from the nights activities.

We'd come out for a 100 monkeys gig, and to set stalk, though Rachel wouldn't admit that to me. The gig was amazing, more than amazing. It felt so intimate there, there weren't that many people and that made it better. And getting to see Jackson so close.

I sighed heavily and looked over at Rachel instantly. Sure she could go to sleep easily, but she was woken up by the smallest thing. It was never a pleasent thing if she was woken up. I think banshee crossed with bog monster was how our last room mate described her when he accidently woke her up.

So, with the option of walk around the hotel at 5am or wake up Rachel, I took the walk around the hotel. With the amount of practice I had of moving around like a ninja, I left the room without so much as the door clicking silently too as I left.

After discovering that near enough all the floors looked the same and I couldn't get to the top floor, because it was the pent house suit and you needed a key to get up there, I ended up in the bar. Only in L.A. would the hotels bars still be open. And my word, the amount of alcohol on the shelves. It was like someone had decided that they couldn't be bothered to decorate the huge wall and instead stuck shelves there and filled them with all types of alcohol.

I began humming to myself as I took a seat at the bar. I could see the nights happenings going past my eyes. The songs, the chatter in-between, the smiles from the band, the people slowly getting merry and the amount of empty beer bottles that seemed to grow with each passing minute.

That's why I was startled when the bartender cleared his throat to get my attention. I hadn't even realised he was there, and it was a great shock to be brought to the present.
"Sorry ma'am, didn't mean to startle you. Would you like something from the bar?" He gave me a small, apologetic smile then cast his eyes over the bartop

"It's okay, I was in a world of my own" I giggled a little, No need for him to apologise. I was the one that was away with the fairies "Can I have a bottle of water please?"

"Long night?" He said as he turned to grab a water from the fridge behind him

I took the water and unscrewed the top "Yeah, but it was amazing! And could you put it on room 100's bill, name's Samantha, thanks"

He nodded and smiled before going off to serve the other person at the end of the bar. I took a long drink from the bottle. Not realising I was thirsty till I'd finished nearly half the bottle. I needed that.
I glanced at my watch, wondering if it would be safe for me to go back upto the room and then stared at the watch face. It was nearly 6am. Holy hell, I'd walked around the hotel for an hour. It was big, but not that big. Was it? I wondered then, Why don't I feel tired? I've been up nearly twenty-four hours. Well I think it was twenty-four, I couldn't be sure with all the time differences and such.

I shook my head and took another sip of water before daydreaming again. I looked out over the lobby and hummed to myself again. I suppose that's why it didn't register with me straight away the fact that Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone where stood in the lobby. Or maybe I did know they were there, I was just thought they were something I'd daydreamed up. Me and my wild imagination. It was going to get me in trouble one of these days

I was vaguely aware that I was tapping and humming the beat to 'Ugly Girl' it was the catchiest song I've heard. And I was so happy when they'd played it last night. I just stood at the back happily singing along as loud as I could without the threat of being heard due to the speakers.

I slipped futher into the daydream, Jackson was actually looking at me and smiling, his body half turned towards me and his eyes looking over my clothing as he spoke to Robert "Rob, is that the girl from tonight?"

Rob just gave him a the there-were-a-lot-of-girls-there look-be-specific look. When he raised his eyebrows like that he looked gorgeous. He turned to look at me too, to see if he recognised me I suppose.

Jackson laughed a little, it was a great sound "You know the one I mean. She stood at the back next to the redhead. She sang and watched as her friend danced."

Rob looked at me a little closer then and smiled, That smile could make the hardest woman fall to her knees, I swear it. "Yeah. She seemed like she was having fun. Only one that didn't dance though"

Jackson shrugged and headed towards me, still talking to Rob as he moved "Be thankful she wasn't one of the ones throwing themselves all over you, you get enough of that already"

I smiled to myself slightly. Of course Rob had girls throwing themselves at him. He didn't need anymore doing it. I'd even warned Rachel not to do it on threat of physical pain if she even got a crazied look in her eye.

Jackson began to walk closer and I shaked my head a little. Time to dispell that little daydream before it got too out of hand and I ended up talking to myself. I took a small sip of the water and stood up, smiling at the waiter as I did.

His voice was closer, but subdued, almost a whisper, as he spoke to Rob "I wonder where her friend is. Not good to walk around on your own"

I looked up and my heart thudded in my chest, he was actually there, no daydream. He was physically there. If I took a few steps forwards I would be able to touch him. Which is why it puzzled me that he was in the same hotel as me and had spotted me at the gig.

Rob smiled and took a step towards me, talking to Jackson over his shoulder "Probably can't sleep. I mean it's after 6am and we're still up." He turned to me then and smiled, I nearly turned into a puddle on the floor "Hey. You look lonely over here on your own. Want some company?"

More next time. I decided to cut it off here... Well... Because if you want to read more you can tell me (and also suggest a title while your at it). Come back now ya'll hear? :P

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