Sunday, 23 August 2009


I'm so sleepy right now it's stupid. But it's all in the name of Twilight.

I've been up since 5am (10 hours) and it's all so I can go see Kellan Lutz and Chaske Spencer at Twitour in Birmingham next month.

So, this is all the crap that we were selling. There's alot more in the boxes under the tables too :P

We had many good points to the day. The first being the fact that when we pressed the bouncing tigger and, after nearly falling off the table, a girl saw him and instantly wanted him. He was sold =D
I'll save you all that and just skip right to the end, and the second best thing that happened. After beginning to take down the gazebo (we thought it might rain) we unhooked the material and the wind started up instantly, blowing the cover off the gazebo and onto me. It was funny for the simple fact it landed so my head was directly in the middle of the material

After we packed everything up (it looked like we hadn't sold a thing!) I began counting up the money. We'd earned £97.10! And the fact that we still came home with stuff means that we can go again next week and sell, sell, sell!

It's getting that much closer towards getting the tickets to go to Twitour =D

Wish me and TG luck!!


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Holy crapola...I've never seen your blog either! Guess we all just need to be a bit more vocal (ahem, forward) when trolling for love :)

I cannot believe you're going to see him in Birmingham...I'm trying to talk myself out of going bankrupt (and into divorce court) if I trek the 8 hours to Nashville.

OME...I'm totally stealing your idea and am going to have a GIANT yard sale to start a twi-fund!!

Lion Lovin' Lamb said...

I am super interested in this car boot sale idea. Can you tell me what exactly it means though? I think it is probably like our flea market's. I'm going to scour my house this weekend for anything that may get me a buck. RSM may be able to head to Nashville if we just sell everything in our lives!

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

Basically, you just get all your old junk together. The stuff that you can live without. Obv, not including Twistuffs :P

Then you either phone up and book a place. Or just turn up at the place. It usually costs money to set up a table but you make it back tenfold hehe
Then you keep the left over junk (for another sale XD) and all the monies hehehe