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Changing Luck: Chapter 5 - Package

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe :P
Put up because the other chapter was crappy and in this chapter we meet a new person =D

Chapter 5 - Package

Rachel literally danced around me as I dragged my feet towards the front desk.

“Not a word of this to anyone, you hear me?” I could deal with getting dragged around the shops but if the paparazzi got wind of the fact that Jackson Rathbone was paying for us to go see the rest of the cast, I don’t know what they’d do, but I could guarantee that we would be the centre of attention.

She just nodded as she continued to bounce around me. Her eyes were huge as she grabbed my arm and yanked me faster towards the desk

I let out a heavy sigh and leant on the desk to support myself “Calm down, Rachel. You know my luck. We could be waiting here for up to an hour before…” I trailed off and gawked as the receptionist moved towards me

This couldn’t be happening. Normally, I’d have to wait hours for anyone to show up. Even in restaurants it was the same. I remembered one time, Rachel and I had gone to a fancy restaurant and it had taken two hours for our order to be taken.

But, I suppose my luck was changing. I mean, I’d won tickets to come to L.A. I’d met Jackson Rathbone and Robert Pattinson and I hadn’t made a fool out of myself in front of them.

“Hi, I’m collecting a package left for room 100” I smiled warmly at the receptionist as she moved in front of me

She nodded and scurried off to grab the package. I let out a soft sigh, this would be were it took forever to get it. I looked around for Rachel, she’d been far to quiet for far too long. My eyes froze as I spotted her

She was frozen in spot, in the middle of the foyer. Her eyes trained on something. Ooh no, who’d she seen? Oh god, this was going to be bad.

Then I heard the most god awful squeal coming from Rachel as my eyes fixed on Kellan Lutz. Crap, the whole cast must be staying here then. He’d turned to face Rachel when she’d squealed then looked at me. I smiled apologetically at him and turned towards Rachel, I was ready to slap her after that.

“OW!” As I turned, Rachel barrelled into me, knocking me backwards into the desk “Rachel!”

She started to bounce, not even realising I’d spoken she took my hands and spoke faster than I’d ever heard her “it’s Kellan Lutz! He plays Emmett! Will we get to meet him too!? Will we Sammie?”

“Breath, dammit. Rachel calm the hell down, please.” I tried to pry her fingers from my top without success, her hands were balled around two clumps of my t-shirt “We probably will get to meet him, if you don’t scare him the hell off with that noise!”

That shut her up, her fingers still stayed locked in place on my t-shirt as she watched Kellan.

I turned to face him and smiled apologetically again, he looked like he was suppressing laughter; his face was distorted slightly as he grinned down at the desk top.

I managed to pry her fingers off my t-shirt, luckily she hadn’t stretched it. And turned back towards were the receptionist should be stood. I jumped a little as she was stood there, her eyes slightly conflicted. Like she wanted to interrupt me but didn’t dare do it

“Ooh, is that the package?” I took it from her as she held it out to me. A small smile crossing her lips before she ran back behind the door to the side

I turned the package over in my hands and laughed a little, it was like a package from a gangster film. The ones where it looked like it should be stuffed full of cash. I half expected that when I pulled open the top.

Holy hell fire. There were tickets inside and when I pulled them out I froze. Two tickets to Twi-con this weekend, two tickets to another gig tomorrow night and tickets to the premier of Eclipse which was next week.

I let out a soft sigh; we wouldn’t be able to go to Twi-con this weekend, much less the premier next week. We were only here until this Friday. I stared down into the envelope and froze in place. Money? Why was there money in there? Ooh and there was a note too. I pushed the other tickets back into the envelope and pulled out the note.

‘Get the hotel to call the airport for you. And get the airline you’re with to rearrange your departure date for two weeks this Friday. If they want money for it, there’s a card in the bottom of the envelope, pay with that. If they want a number to call, my number is at the bottom of this letter. Oh, and get Rachel and yourself something nice too. I’ll see you tomorrow at twelve’

I pulled out the card and stared at it. Holy crap, why was he doing this? Sure, it felt like we’d known each other forever, but the fact was that I’d known him only a bit longer than two hours. This was surreal. So surreal.

Rachel stared at the card and nearly passed out. Luckily for her, Kellan was walking past and caught her on her way down. Ooh crap. She was going to be so embarrassed and she wouldn’t shut up about this. I knew it
Kellan grinned down at Rachel as I jabbed her hard in the side “Rach, I swear if you don’t snap out of right now, I’m going to book it so we go home tomorrow!”

Her eyes fluttered open and she went wide eyed as she stared up at Kellan. “I, what, hi” was all she managed to get out as her eyes grew wider. If her eyes got any bigger they’d pop out of her head.

He grinned at helped her to her feet “Hey, sorry about that. Didn’t mean to make you faint”

I looked at him and smiled “It’s not the first time. She fainted the first time I got her a Twilight poster. I was this close to slapping her” I pushed my thumb and forefinger a centimetre apart and grinned a little

She stammered a little and fell into my side “Thanks for catching her, I don’t think we have time for a trip to the hospital today” I tightened my arm around her waist and glared at her

Kellan just laughed and waved his hand a little “Natural born knight in shining armour. That’s me. Ooh, and avoid the block around the corner, there’s a shop stocked to the rafters with Twilight merchandise”

I laughed and gave him a small wave as I dragged Rachel towards the doors, stuffing the package into my bag as I did so. “Thanks for the heads up. Like I said, we don’t have enough time to make a trip to the hospital”

He let out a loud laugh as I pulled Rachel through the door. She better hurry up and regain her senses soon. I didn’t want to have to cart her around all day.


More to come soon =D
And I would have swooned if I saw Kellan Lutz. Hell I’d probably pass out if I saw any of the twilight cast in front of me.
That reminds me.... I'm going to see Kellan next month. Better pack up some smelling salts...

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