Friday, 21 August 2009

Writer's block...

Absoloutly, without a doubt, fucking SUCKS!

And yes, this is going to be one of those ranty posts where I bitch about near everything just for the fact that I can, and it's my blog. (But of course, I do love you guys. So, I'll be putting something at the end of this so you don't feel cheated by my whining about everything.)

So, I'm sat at the laptop, headphones in and various medicines surrounding me (because god knows I need to be kept sedated right now or I'll kill someone) and trying to write more on my story. But, unfortunatly, my brain has decided to turn to mush and my immune system has decided to piss me off in the only way it knows how. I have the worse cough I've ever had in my life, and it's not one of those little coughs, it's the kind of cough that takes away the lining of your throat.

Normally, I don't mind being ill, I put up with it and get on as normal (I say normal, other people say pissy) I get whatever needs doing, done, and then crash out for a few hours before carrying on with everything else. I was the same when I was ill in college, I'd sit in the hallway with my friends and sleep through my lunch just to keep me going. But this cough is EVIL! My ribs hurt because of it, I'm starting to get a headache and my throat feels like someone's dragging sandpaper around in there.

I'm so frustrated that I can't think, I wanna scream. Problem. If I scream, my throat hurts. So I can't scream, which makes me want to scream even more. Mum's fixed that problem with giving me anti-drowsy flu capsules (which lie, because I am drowsy). Just my luck, I have the flu in SUMMER! and not only that, if my cough hasn't fucked off by next month, I may not be able to go to the Twilight convention.

So, to ease my pain (and yours, because I'm rambling like a bitch) Here's some sexy RPattz right here for you.

My apologies. Ooh and if you want a special piccy that I've done for other people, lemme know and I'll do you a special edited pic of anyone you want =D

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Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Must use the lip biting pic in makes me CRAZY!!

Keep on keepin' on ;)