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Changing Luck: Chapter 8 - Dinner

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe
Holy monkey fudge batman, I better get a-working. Ha, I've only done part of chapter 9. YIKES!

Chapter 8 - Dinner

I stood there in shock, only just acknowledging the fact that I was shaking hands with the cast. Rachel was literally bouncing on the spot and nearly fainted as she caught sight of Robert Pattinson. Okay, so it wasn’t the whole cast. But, The Cullens, Jacob and Bella, it was enough to send my head into a spin.

I snapped out of the daze in time to realise that they were all moving towards a rather large table situated to one side of the restaurant.

We all sat down slowly, I was seated opposite Peter Facinelli. I’d talked about him a lot with my other Twilight friends. He was such an amazing man off screen as well as on. Hell, he’d even inspired me and a bunch of friends to go out dressed up to fundraise for charity.

He looked across at me and smiled “How long have you known Jackson? He normally doesn’t bring people into the spotlight like this”

I blushed a little and coughed before looking down at the napkin on the table “Well, I met him and Rob, this morning at 6am in the hotel bar”

The chatter stopped and the whole cast turned to look at myself and Jackson before they burst into laughter. I looked at Kellan, Ashley, Taylor, Nikki, Elizabeth, Peter, Rob, Kristen, Rachel then finally to Jackson, wondering what I had said that was so funny.

Jackson grinned at me and Kellan nudged me with his elbow before grinning “We always knew they liked a few drinks after a gig. So, what are you doing here in the good ol’ US of A? and did you keep out of the shops like I said?”

I looked up at him and grinned and before I could speak, Jackson interrupted “Set stalking us of course. Ooh, that and she wanted to tell me that she was madly in love with me. I think I’m leaving something out, not quite sure though” I kicked Jackson lightly in the shin and I heard him chuckle as I turned towards Kellan.

“We won tickets to see his band play last night. Where he got the madly in love part from, I have no idea. As I remember, it was him who approached me. And I tried, but, Rach is Rach, and I was too tired to argue with her” I grinned up at Kellan as he laughed began to laugh

Taylor frowned a little and looked at Kellan “Have you met these two before, too Kellan?”

Kellan grinned over my shoulder at Rachel and nodded “Yeah, Rachel fainted on me in the lobby this morning. Lucky I was there, otherwise she would have hit her head when she did”

I glanced at Rachel as she slowly began to turn beetroot red then I looked over at Ashley as she jabbed a fork towards Kellan “If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t have fainted. So it’s bad luck you were there, macho boy”

We all laughed and I looked around the table slowly. This was so surreal. It honestly couldn’t be true. I was going to wake up soon, but I wouldn’t be disappointed, it would be the best dream I’ve ever had

Jackson jabbed me in the side and grinned “What you eating? Or aren’t you eating? If you are, I recommend the steak. It’s really nice.”

I looked at him then at the menu, my eyes bugging out as I saw the names of the food and the prices at the side of them. I leaned towards Jackson and whispered “I can’t let you pay for this. It’s too expensive”

I glanced over at Rachel who was chatting happily to Peter, Rob and Kristen, she’d let him pay. Just like she’d let him pay for the shopping spree before. But, I couldn’t let him spend his money on me. I was just some girl he’d met that morning.

He grinned at me and whispered back “Of course you can. Sammie, I feel like I’ve know you forever. You’re like, my instant best friend. Just don’t tell this lot, they’ll get jealous”

“What are you two whispering about behind those menus?” Nikki was eyeing us up and I giggled at her expression

“We were making out, do you mind?” Jackson spoke before I could and I nearly choked on a mouth full of water

I coughed and looked up at him. A wide grin stretched across his face and I just shook my head and looked over to Nikki “Jackson was saying that I was like instant best friend. You know, like those things you stick in the water and they grow to three times the size so you have instant buddy?”

I grinned at Nikki as she and the others who were listening laughed. I stuck my tongue out at Jackson and grinned back at him. This was s much fun, and I hadn’t made a fool of myself, yet.

The waiter’s came around with our starters that had been sorted for us as we walked through the doors.

I’d chosen the chicken soup, and it actually looked pretty good. Rachel went for the nachos as always. That girl couldn’t go to a restaurant without having her nachos.

I sat slowly eating my soup and smiling at the conversations going on around us. Kellan was talking to Ashley, Taylor and Peter, trying to convince them to go to a Twilight tour in England with him, Elizabeth and Nikki where talking about upcoming film’s that they were hoping to land and Jackson, Rachel, Rob and Kristen we all chatting about where would be a good place to shop.

I squeaked as something cold hit my back which made me jump, causing the bowl of soup on the table to be knocked by my hands and land straight in my lap.

Ooh crap! It was hot! I jumped up from my seat instantly, sending it flying backwards into another waiter, causing his tray of food and him to fly across the floor

Ooh hell. I knew something like this would happen “Uhm, I’ll be right back.” With that I grabbed my bag and sprinted to the toilets before locking myself into a cubicle

Great, I’d just embarrassed myself in front of some of the most popular people in the world. How would I ever live this down?


Poor Sammie.
I’m going to start putting up a chapter every few days instead of every day.
Well, I think I am, depends if I have the chapters ready or not lol

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