Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Changing luck: Chapter 6 - Reinging in

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe :P

Chapter 6 – Reining in

Rachel snapped out of it just as we rounded the corner.

I swear if that girl could squeal any louder she would have broken the glass in the shop windows. I had to cover my ears and nearly everyone in the street had turned to look at us.

After that it was chaotic. I explained to her about Jackson leaving the card and that we were to spend only what was necessary on a few bits of clothing that looked good and was cheap. She, of course, was dead set against buying cheap clothing

“Rachel, look at the price tag, if it’s over 6 bucks you can’t have it!” I gave her a stern look and narrowed my eyes as she grabbed a leather jacket and held it up to herself

She sighed and hung it back up on the rack. It wasn’t our money, and I’d make damn sure she wouldn’t go crazy on the spending

We headed down a street, lined with shops and I stopped dead as I looked into the shop.

“Wow, he wasn’t wrong about the shop being filled to the rafters with Twilight merchandise.” I moved carefully inside the shop, Rachel was clinging to my arm, her nails digging in slightly. After the treat to her before, I knew she wouldn’t squeal now.

“Wow. Wow, wow, WOW! Oh, my, god” she dug her nails in harder and I winced a little. It was better than her shattering my ear drum with her high pitched squeal.

“Rach, let go of my arm before you draw blood. And don’t go nuts! Please!” I sighed with relief as she released my arm then groaned internally. She ran off into the shop as soon as she let go of me

Oh god. Kellan was right. I should have avoided this shop at all costs. She was going to go crazy with all the merchandise in here.

She’d grabbed two of everything we didn’t have back home, Including two Mini Edward Cullen’s, two sets of Edward and Bella dolls and two life-sized Edward Cullen cut outs.

I gave up. I needed my sleep and arguing with her wasn’t going to help me get back to the hotel any quicker. She paid with the card and piled as many bags as she could onto my arms. I must have looked like a pack horse with all the bags.

I just hoped Jackson didn’t throttle me and decide to change his mind when we met him tomorrow. Rachel was sure doing her best to try and put a dint in his bank account after I’d thrown in the towel trying to rein her in.

“Rachel, pleaseeeeee, I need my sleep. We need to start heading back to the hotel” I watched her flitting about the street, humming to herself about whether we should go into this shop next or the next one along

She signed and turned to me “Fine, we’ll go dump the bags off and you can have a few hours sleep. We can always go shopping later on and I’m starting to get a bit peckish now I come to think about it”

I groaned internally and thanked god that we were heading back and I’d be able to sleep and give my arms a rest from carrying bags upon bags of useless junk and clothes. I didn’t care that we’d be shopping later. At least I’d be able to shut down the part of my brain that cared

My heart thudded to a stop as Rachel froze on the corner. Ooh no, who had she seen now? Was the whole cast there or something?

I dragged myself to the corner and sighed with relief. It was just the sheer amount of paparazzi outside the entrance that had caused her to freeze; at least we would be able to break through them without any worry. We were just two normal people who were staying in the hotel after all.

“Come on, I don’t care if we have to elbow them to get through. We’re English after all and I need my damn sleep!” It was my turn to yank her down the street towards the hotel

The cast probably wouldn’t be there anyway. It was only 1pm and I’m sure they’d have a busy day today. I didn’t understand all the stuff that went with being an actor, but they’d probably be filming some scenes of sorts, or sorting out make-up.

Who knew. All I knew was that I wanted to get through them and get to the room. I needed sleep and if I didn’t get it soon I was going to collapse.

As we reached the hotel I pushed the bags up onto my arms and stuck my elbows out “Out the way, paying guest coming through. Move it!”

I caught a few people who weren’t fast enough to move out the way in time for Rachel and I, as we barrelled through them. Luckily enough, we broke through the crowd of cameras and into the empty foyer. Thank god the hotel staff where doing their job. I couldn’t have standed trying to get through more people to get to the lift.

The next thing I remember is collapsing onto my bed, Rachel’s muffled voice as she ordered room service. Then nothing as I fell into a deep sleep.

More to come next time =D
Rachel is mean to Sammie don’t you think. Well, she got her sleep in the end :P

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