Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Twilight dreams

So, I've had some very weird dreams over the past few days.

The latest was one where myself, Dee (@deejay025) and Becky (@Becky_Boodles) are on a flight over to the states for the Eclipse premier...

Let me start you off. We were flying over on a normal airplane to LA and I went to use the bathroom. While in there, there was knocking on the door and I was told to hurry up and get out because someone else needed to use it. So I left it and asked what the hell their problem was. They then pulled me aside to explain that the toilets in first class were ut of use and that a famous person needed the loo.

They were about to bring them out when I explained the fact that we were midair and if they were famous then a stampeed would not be welcome. So they got me sticks and some material that I stapeled together and then myself and a few other people held it up to sheild them from the rest of the passangers.

That was when Kellan came out and gave me a great, big, smile and then went into the toilet. When he came out he thanked me and we chatted for a bit before my arms started to get tired and he said that I should grab my friends and come up to the front to meet him and some others before disappearing.

I went to get Bex and Dee and then explained to the staff that we could go because Kellan said he wanted to meet them. She, being the bitch in this dream, said we weren't allowed and that I was lying and that we should return to our seats.

Time passed and everyone on the plane fell asleep. I was woken up by Kellan shaking me slightly and telling me to grab the other two and come up front. We all went up front and sat around on the floor chatting to all the cast.

That's when the dream skips and we're all walking, including the girls we were meant to meet in LA, down the red carpet with Kellan and Jackson because we were invited by them. And just as we were about to enter I woke up from the dream.

Which sucks lol.

So, any of you Twihards had any dreams like this? Or any dreams with Edward and Bella?

I'd love to know so leave them in the comment box

You know you wanna share your dreams with me

Friday, 13 November 2009

Oh... wow..

I know I've been MIA a lot lately, but with New Moon so close I have to start with my battle plan. I'm not getting ANY sleep that weekend for the simple fact I'm seeing it at the 9.30pm showing on the Friday, then hopefully travelling up to see my friend at Uni and dragging her ass to the nearest cinema to watch it with her and THEN coming home and going to watch it all over again.

But, not only that, I have been writing a FanFic. I know, I know. There's a load out already but Bex (My beta and @Becky_Boodles on twitter) has already crowned Edward, GoodWithKidsWard... So, that's a good sign right?

Anyway, back to the original reason for this post. I've been told, and had it confirmed, that Scummit Summit Entertainment have allowed a clip of Eclipse to be shown before New Moon. Nw I'm not sure if it's specific locations or everywhere that gets it, but oh my lord I'm so excited and it's only SIX FREEKIN' days away!

To see the picture go here http://twitpic.com/pej71/full

Alls I have to say is.... BRING ON NEW MOON! WOO!

Friday, 6 November 2009

As promised!

So as promised, here's a post dedicated to my two favourite Cullen boys. As much as I love all of them, including Peter and Jackson- I do have more love for Robward and Kemmett!

(here's a question: would their names merged be "Pelisle", and "Jacksper" or "Carlster" and "Jaskson"?) (Emma tought me a new word "pfffffty"  so i'm all up for creating new words today)

I'm not just basing this on their incredibly good looks, and scrumptious bodies...Now we digress into sweet Kellward dreams.... few more seconds?....
Ok time to snap out of it...because believe it or not there is much more to them.

Emmett, as we all know is played by Kellan Sexy Lutz, (Yes he inherited a new middle name) he is married to Rosalie, and I don't know about you, but that actually makes me love him even more, (if he can put up with Rosalie, she must be really good in.....

 a relationship... He loves danger, which is very attractive. He is willing to fight till his death (no pun intended) for his loved ones- now that could be a Cullen boy thing, because all of them are willing to do it. He will take on danger with a smile on his face! Emmett has a great sense of humour, he is HIGH-Larious in Breaking Dawn especially, with his innuendos' about Bella's sexual relationship with Edward- haha good old Emmett! Behind his big, bad boy exterior that is seen by the humans, he is actually a great person, extremely loving and caring. This is slightly off topic, maybe this is coming from a feminist point of view, but I thought it was so intruiging that Rosalie saved Emmett from the GRIZZLIES! Emmett fits in with the Cullens, all of them are different in their own way, but the family will be incomplete without one of them... (thank God Stephanie didn't kill off any of the Cullen's else I would have been pissed!)

Kellan *sigh* WOW! Honestly this guy never fails to shock me. Even though I've never met him *cry* I've heard alot about him, the way he acts at fan events, - I think it's sexy that he did push ups on stage! Oh all that pumping iron in his bulging biceps (stop drooling!) is so incredibly attractive! But i'm not just basing my love for him on his looks, and physical activites haha no no! He seems so down to earth. He loves the attention he gets from screaming fan girls, I think I lurrruve him because he's the opposite of Rob. He deals with screaming girls with open arms- literally- I heard that he was being ("stalked") followed by a pair of girls at a twiprom or a twicon event- Kellan was going to each table and greeting his fans- which is awsome! but these 2 girls wouldn't wait their turn, instead they continued to follow him around, probably wanting to pounce on him hehe... now if this was a situation with Rob, his entourage would have acted before Rob even noticed, but this was Kellan and what does Kellan do...? He gives his fans what they want- he welcomed them with open arms! In interviews it seems he doesn't take himself seriously, he's having fun and dealing with his fame really well, he's not afraid to be himself around fans, and the media and THAT'S WHY WE LOVE HIM!!

Now Edward... everyone's (well almost everyone's) perfect guy! People seek Edward in their own men, seriously I'm not even joking, I read somewhere (it seems like I read alot...) that a lady ended her relationship with her boyfriend  because he wasn't Edward- Now that could just be a lie for attention, but there are times where I wouldn't put that past TwiFans... aaaanyhoo... Edward, we all fell in love with him the same time Bella did, I think that Bella was created as a simple, bland character so we as readers can become her- thus we fell in love with Edward when Bella did in the book! Like any other guy I lurrrrve, I love Edward because of his great looks, buff body, he's intruiging and mysterious and more importantly... HE SPARKLES- Ok so I haven't found a guy with all those factors... but I will one day, and I don't mean a guy with body shimmer on either- Real sparkly guys exist ok! He's chivalrous, and a sweetheart! I love his "I have to protect my lover" motto, these days if a girl is being chased by a hungry vamp the guy would say "heck no i'm saving myself, you're on your own bitch!" but not Edward... ooooh no! I have to admit though, I was so upset when he left Bella in NewMoon, but I never gave up hope... I knew he had to come back! I think I was at the stage of indenial when you're grieving... as i'm sure all Edward lovers were =( But I forgave him as soon as Bella saved him, I mean who can deny this...

Ok confession- that's not Edward!!... As much as it resembles him, I know!, but it's a cake with edward carved into the frosting... but who can deny this....

Bella couldn't! In Eclipse I fell for him harder than a child falling over running at top speed.. (that was such a bad oone i'm sorry...) But just how protective he was of Bella- for no reason, was the green light for me, I knew then that Edward was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with haha! He may have proposed to Bella, but he meant me... =/ and then in Breaking Dawn, he became a proud husband and papa, and boy did did he suit that role...sooooo cute! Just everything about him, I love, his over protective side, his dangerous Vampire side, and then is calm, loving side... he's peeeeeerfect in every single way possible! =D

Finally... the dark horse himself... Mr. Robert Pattinson! I don't just have love for him because he's playing Edward Cullen- note how I said playing not is =D Rob is humble, modest, and shy. I don't know about you, but at times when a person says that they're incredibly brilliant, beautiful and buff- it's a turn off, I start to dislike that person, and I know that Rob will never think of himself like that. He hates crowds, and I think he's dealing with his fame in such a great way it's inspiring! He's a chameleon he can go from playing Cedric Diggory ( a wizard) to playing Art in How to Be, to playing Dali in Little Ashes- it's a never ending list of achievements and talents, he can sing, play the piano and guitar and he is a darn good actor too! I think what we love about him is the fact that he's the opposite to how we'd expect a person with so much fame  to be. He wants to live a normal life, like being able to go for a walk and get a coffee without it being such a headline! His messy hair to his goofy humour it's just beautiful. I just hope in the future the media attention will calm down and let him be a little normal...?

I can write so much more about them, but I don't wanna put you guys to sleep... so enjoy these pictures =D

Peace X (Deejay)

Photo source: Instyle.com. CW. breakingdawnfr

Alls I have to say is...

I know I've been date bashing on Twitter. But I'm having heart palpitations because of the date.

As Ashley said before: Im never gonna make it! Im gonna like totally have a heart attack n die that morning when I wake up n realize it's freakin' here!!

I'm the same. I think alcohol, a Twihard at my side and the freekin' tickets which are still hidden and no one knows about may just save my life on that day. I have no idea how I'm going to make it to the showing at 9.30 but, man alive, I'm getting in that queue early because I want the best seats in the house.

I so need to see this scene. I have to see how Jackson does this because, well, fuck me it was awesome in the book. And hell, look at that, he BROKE the piano. But, not only that, I've seen two other stills of this scene and it looks awesome.

Chris Weitz... I love you just from the trailers and stills. And I hope that stays the same when I see how you have done New Moon. Two weeks till judgement day. But I'm sure you'll live up to the expectations. Hell, you even made the wolves look better than a rabid Lassy... That counts for something

Let me know how you're all feeling about the date being so close. Anyone got a battle plan going? And what do you think of Chris Weitz?

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


It's 16 days away people. 16 FREEKIN DAYS!

It's so close I can almost lick it. Infact... I could actually lick it. I mean, I even have a New Moon Edward poster that I could lick now... But I won't. Becase I owe it to you all not to violate the Robward in that way...

16 days... 16 freekin' days!!

It seems just like yesterday that we were on day 100 and planning things to do for the premier. I know what I'm doing. I just need to buy a plain white tee, some tee transfer paper and the ironing board downstairs. And it's not gunna be any of that black marker crap. Hell to the no. I have more style than that.

I'm not called artistic for nothing you know. Just ask my mother... or take a look at my wall by my bed. It's got so many colours on it it's like a freekin rainbow. And not in a tacky way either. It's pretty damn cool.

Anyway, we're off track here. You know those tees you see on websites that have slogons on them? And they're £16-£30 for each? Well, my plan is to do my own design, buying a cheap white tee for £2 from ASDA, printer paper for £5 and doing that shit myself. It makes it personal, original and damn cheap to make too. And hell, the printer paper comes with 10 A4 sheets so that's 20 designs that can be made meaning that it only costs 25p per design. So that's a personalised tee that's unique to me and it's only costing me £2.25 to make. How awesome is THAT!?

I also have a battle plan set up. Meaning that I know when, where and how I'm going to the cinema. I also have the tickets stashed in a very secret place that no one would be able to find them if they tried. *insert evil laugh here*

Ooh, and a word of advice to anyone who will be at the Cineworld cinema in Runcorn on the 20th November to see New Moon. YOU SPEAK THROUGH IT AND I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL!

Respect your fellow Twihards and SHUT THE HELL UP. Okay, the occasional squee and/or gasp in the right places is fine. But a run through with the fucking film about how it is not like the book and I will go Volturi on your asses afterwards. And you will end up like Edward in the Volturi lair. I will smash you into the ground biatches!

And a word of advice to ANYONE going to the premier. Do not take a Twi-hater. You having to shush them while they make fun of the film is not fun for anyone so leave them at home please...

Well, that is all for now. More to come soon... I think

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Thank you

So I just wanted to quickly say Thank You to Emma aka the friggin fantabulous most awesome friend in the world for "revamping" my blog LOL! So I know I haven't posted on here since I said hi to you guys, but I will... On my blog I go deep into the series and other twilight related posts, and on this I want to attempt to post FUN things as well... I'm still trying to work out what though so... bear with me...? But in the meantime if you want to check out Emma's fabulous work then please do!
I promise in the future I will post on here as well, and I hope we'll become friends! like <- - - - - -  the two smexy beings in the photo =D Oh my.. that just gave me a great idea for my first official post on here... You're asking me what's the post...? Ahh but if I told you, i'd have to hurt you so... i'd rather not, but trust me, if you like Kemmett and Robward then you'll enjoy it! =D
So that's all I got... I hope you look forward to my official post- hopefully within this week... ok ok, tomorrow then!

Look forward to hearing from you guys!
Peace X (Deejay)


*wipes brow*

It's taken a few hours. Around 10 hours, to design and throw together a friends blo design. And... drum roll please! It's done! *fanfare*

As those of you know who are following me on twitter, I have been sorting out Dee's blog page. Turning it into a 3 column blog, making a banner for it and giving it a new background. Alls I have to say is, screw you blogger. Screw you harder than Edward screwed Bella in Breaking Dawn to make Renesmee. It has been such a bitch over the past two days. I swear to god it's worse than the Volturi coming to kill you because we know of their sparkly kind. (Yes, I've rehooked myself on Twilight. So the stupid ass whatever they ares will be coming out a lot more now)

So ya wanna see what the blog looks like I hear you say? Well! I say you go check out THIS link and see for yourself. And leave her some bloggy buddy love. And don't be afraid to follow her either. Ya know you want to...

Check out her blog and I'll do sexy things to you

Monday, 2 November 2009

Winner of the tee!

Ash tweeted at me before about the fact she'd got her tee. She was majorly happy and even winked at me!

The top she got, as you may remember, was the "What do you mean Edward Cullen isn't real?" tee. So that she could annoy her hubby with it
Well, of course I badgered her until she gave in and sent me a photo.
Here is the lucky winner with her tee. And I think she looks lovely in it. Don't cha think?

I may have giveaways in the future so just keep an eye open for the special posts with COMPETITION in the title and you should be sorted

Twilight cast on the supernatural

The Twilight cast talk about their belief in Spirits and the supernatural. I think Kellans ghost is the same as mine

Friday, 30 October 2009

This is so exciting =)

Hi family *hugs* i'm Deejay! So Emma told you a bit about my bet with my parents in her previous post, but here's the actual dealio... Once apon a time... a few weeks ago actually... me and Emma were introduced by our US bestie Vanessa, we started talking and decided to go to the LA premier together (we were planning to go on our lonesome, but then we became friends and planned to go together) anyway long story cut short... as my job is crap basically, I need more money ASAP for the trip, I recently made my blog and my mother thought I was going insane because I am and will always be completly obsessed with the Twilight series- she's the sort of person who doesn't like to waste money- so she said to me that if I can prove to her how much love I have for the series she will give me some money towards the trip (I am not going to say no to that offer so I accepted) She said if I can get more followers she will help me. So there I was sitting at home eating fizzy haribo's and having a drink when Emma came up with this BRILLIANT idea- she asked me to be apart of her blog- and because I think this blog and Emma is awesome I accepted!! To return the favour I offered her a place on my blog http://www.twiworld247.blogspot.com/ and she accepted! So now we are partners in crime!!
I am team Switzerland- only after I read Breaking Dawn, however I do have more love for Vamps, I love Kemmett and Robward... and that's about it... Oh I'm craaaazy and it rubs off onto people so smiles all around!
Love to you all and Emma I lovey you girly- only 8 months and a few days to go for our unforgetable trip!! WOO!!

Peace X

Welcome my new blogger buddy

So, my other English Twihard friend and I got talking. And drinking... and then tweeting each other. When it came to mind that she should come be on MY blog.

See, the thing is guys and dolls, that Dee has a bet going with her parents that if she gets a lot more followers, then her parents will contribute money to her side of our trip to LA in June to see the Eclipse premier.

Instead of bullying you lot into following her BLOG. I thought, Hey, she needs followers. So she can come to our lovely home and help with me too hehe.

So, please welcome my lovely English friend to my wonderful blog.


Kellans so happy that he's jumping for joy!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Girl Power!

Recently I've been all about the guys of Twilight. I don't think I've once mentioned the fact that all the girls in Twilight are beautiful. Anyone can see that.

I'll be doing seperate posts for them. And here they are:

Kristen Stewart

Elizabeth Reazer

Nikki Reed

Ashley Greene

Rachelle Lefevre

I swear to god, I've got a complex finding those pictures. These girls have to be some of the most beautiful on the planet. So, stay tuned. They shall be coming soon.

Girl Power! Rachelle Lefevre

Rachelle Lefevre is the one and only Victoria. Bryce, you may be good, but you will never be her.

She has the perfect look and she does so much for her fans.

And not to mention, she's beautiful without even trying. Go check out her twitter pics and you'll see what I mean on that one.

Girl Power! Ashley Greene

None of you can ever tell me that you don't have a girl crush on Ashley Greene.

She's cute, sexy, funny and damn, I'd LOVE a friend like her. She just seems so down to earth and amazing.

I'm jealous of her.

Girl Power! Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed when you first look at her does not seem like the right person to play a vampire because she's just not pale enough.

But this girl, in and out of make-up, is beautiful. Even if they did make her eyebrows look weird when they put the make-up on her for the role of Rosalie

Girl power! Elizabeth Reaser

The oldest of the Twilight group. But by far no means the least beautiful.

Hell, I'll be happy as anything if I grow up to look like this beautiful woman.

Girl power! Kristen Stewart

The leading lady in Twilight. I know that some people are haters and others adore her.

Me? I'm kinda on the fence with her. She's awesome but annoys the hell outta me too.

Alls I have to say right now is that she's a beautiful girl... And I'm jealous of her

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The cafe press giveaway winner

So, as I only had TWO entrants *sobs* I flipped a coin to choose who was the winner...

Heads for Ashley and tails for RSM. Stupid thing is, first time I did it, the coin landed on it's side. So I had to do it again.

Drum roll please....

Ashley won! Yes girlie, you won your tee. Now you can abuse your hubby with the tee as well ;P

How, alls I need you to do is pick the style of tee you want and then send it to me with your addy so I can send it off to the cafe press people and get them to send it to ya ;P

The tee design she chose?? It's this one

Which I think is a pretty awesome tee. So congrats girl xxx

Friday, 23 October 2009

Twitarded... Why do you do this to us?

So I know that I've been on and off this past week/month with my blogger stuffs. But I have good reason and it's all to do with Twilight.

Basically, I've been around everywhere looking for somewhere/saving for Twilight tickets. Only places I could find had either small theaters and/or you could only buy the tickets online. Well, my luck was in when I randomly went into Cineworld today, armed with my last £10 till the next pay day. I just went straight up and asked if the tickets where on sale for New Moon. And yes, they were. So I'm now the proud owner of two New Moon tickets for the latest viewing they have, which was 9.30pm.

I also have been invited to my first ever Twilight prom. Which is taking place next Friday. Time to dust off the old prom dress and hope I still fit into it ;P

That plus I have been catching up on the blogposts I have missed. So when I went over to Twitarded, I found that they have decided to do a blogger friendly (meaning no cuss words) quiz to make us know each other.

I then went to check Latchkey Wife's blogger and realised I was tagged in her site. So.... here we go.

1) What is the craziest/most stupid thing you've ever done (that you would be willing to share!)?
I have so many of these it is unbeliveable. I think, the stupidest thing I have done is when me and my two cousins went for a walk in Scotland. We followed this little stream by there house deeper into the woods. Naturally, we had wellies on so we could get just below knee deep while we were walking along it. And we came to this really deep pool, so we climbed out and stood on the bank. Unfortunatly, the bank had erroded so there was a ledge. My cousin stood on the ledge and it gave way. She then grabbed me, causing me to fall into the water, but before I did I grabbed my other cousin, hoping like hell that she would be able to save us from the icy cold water. How wrong I was. All three of us ended up waist deep in ice cold water. We did laugh pretty hard while we emptied the water from our wellies and it just kept coming out. It was a fun time :P

2) One my personal favorite games: Fuck, Marry, Kill. With the Twilight cast.
Hmm. Pretty hard. I would have to saaaaaaaaaaaaay
Fuck Edward, Marry Kellan and Kill Jane

3) What is your favorite band/type of music?
I'd have to say Muse/Skillet/anything with that sound

4) What is your favorite movie besides Twilight?
The Fifth Element =D

5) Do your RL family/friends know you’re addicted to Twilight? And blogger?
Yes and yes. Friends know that I have a blog. Buuuut not the family. I doubt they would like my potty mouth and/or crude sense of humour

6) How many hours a week do you spend doing Twi related things? You know, blogging, looking at pictures of the cast, reading fan fiction, etc.
I honestly don't even want to try and count up the amount of hours. I spend a few hours a day on it soooo, I'm not gunna add it up :P

7) Any random fact you might want to share. Big or small, it doesn't matter.
I can fit my fist in my mouth and make my eyes shake... It's sort of my party trick. Some people are awed by it, others grossed out. And being able to fit my fist in my mouth does not mean I have a big mouth... Well it does... But, I've actually had to have four teeth out because my gums are too small for all my teeth to fit in... So I have stretchy cheeks and a small mouth. That's about right lol

Now, let's see which of my lovely blogger people I can tag. Hmmmm...
Go go go go go giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009


LOOOOOOOOK! I have a rather large New Moon poster of Edwards face. Those pictures beside it at A4. So you can tell just how big it is.

The person I have to thank for this? The woman at the library who said I could have it after Munky went up and asked her if I could because "I'm a big twi-nut and NEED the poster" (His words)

I think I've found my Twi-soul mate lol. She even confessed that she has an FSE (full-sized Edward) in her office downstairs at the library. Unfortunatly, my Mini-e was NOT in my bag at the time. The one time I don't have him and it happens to be when I meet another Twihard!

Look at the pretty!!

Prom tickets which are stuck to my wall so I won't loose them

Ooh yes, and this lovely woman also said that there will be a Twilight prom night a week this friday...
Well, as all we Twi-hards do... I squeeled and bounced on the spot (much to the dismay of my friend. He knows I have a problem and he CONSTANTLY reminds me of this fact) and then managed to get said friend to come too.
Thing is, it's a proper prom theme. So I'm going to be running around in my big dress (which I can't breathe in because my boobs are bigger since I left high school 3 years ago) around a shopping centre... Which, I might add, should hopefully not be packed as it normally is... and he will be in a Tux. Fingers crossed my other Twi-hard friend should be coming too so there will be two of us running around in big dresses.
Also, yesterday, I went around the shopping centre on the hunt for anythin/everything Twilight related. I literally went into every shop there was there... These are the things I found.
RPattz and New Moon calender stuffed in-between Doctor Who and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Alls I have to say is that someone out there has the EXCACT same tastes as me.
Because there is no way this was coincidence.

I then ventured into another shop and spotted calenders too. Can you see who's at the bottom?
No? Well, here's a closer view

Yes, that's right. RPattz. Needless to say I was pissed and then proceeded to move them to eye line height so people would see him.

Yes, there are TWO RPattz books here. As well as the lovely KStew and Taytay.
P.s. The Tay pics are of him when he was younger... *shudder*

Okay, so it's not Twirelated persay... But still... Rpattz loves cupcakes. We love cupcakes and RPattz, so it's a win win!

So, these are the reasons I have not blogged much. Because, I have infact, been out searching for Twi-merch and making new Twi-hard friends.