Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A fartingly good time was had by all...

So basically, K_InTheFlo, Limey_1996 and myself have been reduced to 11 year olds.

It all began with Limey and I talking about how we didn't know what RT (Re-Tweet), FF (Follow Friday) or HQ (High Quality) meant when we first joined Twitter. This then lead to us discussing what FF might have meant. Limey, being the complete nut she is, said that it could have meant Farty Friday.

Que mayhem and endless Fart puns, rewording and all sorts. We then managed to rope in our lovely, lovely KITF. It had been so, so much fun. Unfortunatly, our farty friend KITF had to leave us to go to work. Limey and I kept up the farty time.

Then, then came the moment that ruined our fun. TWITTER BECAME AN ARSEHOLE OF THE WORST DEGREE!

And when I say that, I mean that I had to refresh the page like a gazillion (or fartzillion) times for Madam Limey loo's posts to show up for me.

It got so amazing, but then my brain decided it was going to go shut down on me and all the fartyness (wittyness) ran out. Soo.. Because this post has been about myself and two of the best people I've met on Twitter. I'll give you guys some Kellan pictures AND a bitey Robward picture!


Limey_1996 said...

Oh I bloody fart you my little farty friend.

What a farty time we had. Fart for the memories I will keep them close to my fart.. haha

For those of you that missed the farty time, here are a few farty puns that had us farting in our seats:-

Farters of the world unite!
Now, don't get me farted.
Farting Fartless!
Fartface Friday
Farty Followers
Fart Attack
Little farters are our future farters.
Cup of Fart (nearly made me puke but funny as fart)
For fart sake!
Fart off, really?
Fart break.
I'm going to fart myself!
I'm going to get farted.
Fart Ninja, I'll give you a farty chop..

Hahaha hysterical!

Thank you Zoomage you are a sweetfart, looking forward to fart time ahead.

Onward and fartward! haha

Fart out! :D

KinTheFlo said...

Fartastic Post ! LOL....

Limey gave us all a Fart-O-Rama of FartLingo.

I'd never expect that from the oldest fart of the group (Not talking age - don't freak the fart out Limey-- talking baby of the family? Oldest?) Zoomage are you a middle child? where do you mean fall? haha.

FARTFACE IS the new FollowFriday...
way more fun to call the Farters out than to make them smell good!

Fartsters Unite!

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

Uhm... Sorry to burst your big farty bubble KITF but... I'm an eldest child.
And was a farty child till I was 8 and my little fartster brother was born.

Sorry, I gotta stop with the fart stuff now, I can't breath from laughing so much XD

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

@SVO - Hell, you can't breath because of the freakin farts - not from laughing! Oh well, maybe it's both. Fart off.

Excuse me while I drool over the pics (and plug my nose).


Latchkey Wife said...

OK, I'm sad I missed the farty conversation. I'm in love with any toilet humor! My family can literally turn a conversation to the workings of the ass in seconds flat! LOL! I'm convinced my brother might have a farting addiction! He can rip one at the drop of the hat! TMI? Too bad!

And the FUCKING lip bitey picture! God it slays me every time! I wish I could have it poster size.