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Changing Luck: Chapter 10 - Call

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe :P

Chapter 10 – Call

I felt slightly uneasy as I stepped into the restaurant again. I knew they’d all be watching and waiting for us to return, I just hope they didn’t bring it up again.

I watched as some of their eyes went wider as they looked at the new dress and Jackson just smiled sheepishly at me before holding out my chair for me

“Lovely colour, it almost makes your eyes look golden” he commented as I sat down.

I grinned at him and punched his arm lightly as he grinned back at me “Well you would know all about gold eyes, Mr. Vampire”

A few people around the table laughed and I smiled at them. I never thought I’d be able to feel comfortable again with them after what had happened, but they all shrugged it off and continued as if nothing had happened. Only Jackson made little remarks about it, which I didn’t mind. I knew him well enough to know it was only speak.

Wait, I really didn’t know him. I knew him well, we’d spoken for hours this morning about anything and everything, but I hadn’t known him long. There could be more to him than I actually knew from speaking to him.

The buzz around the table snapped me back to the present; everyone was chatting and laughing at different things. I heard Kellan telling Rachel first hand about Robert flipping him off in Twilight.

“I called him another name for a cat” he grinned at her and she grinned back her eyes going to Rob.

He was grinning as well “I can’t believe Catherine actually left that in, I was sure she’d cut it out. The first time we were asked about it Kellan laughed nervously and I froze” he laughed and looked over at Peter

“Yeah, there were a lot of things that made it into the film we didn’t expect. Like my ‘nice kitty’ line that I had to say to Rosalie” he looked over at Nikki and grinned at her

“That was a nice line, especially to Rose. She is like a vicious little cat” she grinned at Peter

“How’s the hands now Nikki? Fully healed yet?” I stared at Kristen in shock, it was the first time I’d heard her speak all night and she was quite happily smirking at Nikki

“Yeah, my hands are fine now. I’m just glad Catherine had those gloves. Vampires aren’t meant to bleed you know” She grinned back at Kristen “How’s your butt?”

Kristen laughed “Better” and with that they all started with things that had gone wrong during filming the movies and the lines they didn’t expect to be left in there.

Taylor looked at his phone as did all the others and an audible groan ran around the table. Rachel and I looked at each other, mirroring the confusion shown on each other’s faces

Jackson just laughed and shook his head “They choose their moments well don’t they. Well, we can’t keep the boss waiting”

He stood up, and the rest of us did the same too. Rachel was smiling a little at the others and Jackson gave me an apologetic smile before we all made our way towards the doors.

The cars were already outside and waiting for them to leave the restaurant. And, naturally, there were paparazzi outside too.

Rachel and I stood inside the restaurant as the others began to move outside, the flash of lights were almost blinding and I honestly didn’t know how the could put up with it all.

Jackson pulled me into a tight hug and I hugged him back. I didn’t want him to go yet. It had been such a great day, but I think everything else just came second to when the job called you.

He released me and grinned before kissing my cheek “I’ll see you tomorrow, and don’t forget what time I’m meeting you in the lobby”

I grinned back at him, he had an amazing smile and it always made the worse situations seem that much better

“I know, I know. We’re meeting at midday in the lobby. I’m not daft, and do you think I’d stand up my new best friend?” I whispered the last bit to him and giggled as he chuckled at the last part

“Yeah, alright. I’ll see you both tomorrow.” He pulled Rachel into a hug then stepped towards the doors “Thanks for coming tonight. The bills already been taken of too, so you don’t have to worry. We’re not eating and running” he pushed the door open and laughed as he headed through the flashing lights

I smiled at Rachel and took a deep breath “Time to go Rach, they’ll be distracted by them leaving so we’ll be able to get through.”

We linked arms and kept tight hold of our bags before heading through the door and pushing straight through the flashing lights and down the street towards the hotel.


The next chapter hopefully won’t take as long for me to write and put up hehe.

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