Friday, 7 August 2009

Just a normal Twiaddict day

My day was pretty average today.
Clean up the garden (*Internal groan*), Chase my little brother around the house after he punches my wall and leaves a huge mark across the paint! and then check Twitarded. MY GOD! They've crossed a few lines, but with their caption post, they've jumped all over that line and kicked it into oblivion. I was crying with laughter reading it though.

I then went along with my daily picture hording, Which was NOT pretty. And I also took a few pictures of my wall. Of which I have a meesly 17 Twilight pictures. I MUST find the fucking glue. I had it the other day... Then couldn't find it after I put it down... Which actually made me real pissy. I think I may have a Twilight problem ya know. Ha! First step is admitting it, so I'm on the way to, wait, I don't want to recover from my addiction. GOD DAMN!

After this daily routine, I went to log onto Twitter. Only it wouldn't let me, I swear to high hell, I've never sworn at a site outloud (In my head, yes. Because that isn't insane..) but after the hundreth attempt at trying to sign into Twitter, and failing, I cussed it to the deepest depths of hell.

*Twitter keeps coming up with an error*
SVO: MOTHER FUCKER! Load you peice of *Edited out for the safety of reader's eyes*

I swear that little, blue bird is fucking with me. It's taunting me. I can enter my username and password, then when I click onto enter. Twitter's just like"Aah, na. I'm not gunna let you on because I got hacked and didn't like it. So you're going to feel my fucking pain!"

"Try and log in, I'll thwart all your attempts! Mwahaha!"

So, after that somewhat disturbing outbreak of words from my mouth, I set about putting pictures together. To fill up any and all blank spots on my wall. I will find my damn glue and fill up that space. Then when that was up, onto play with make-up. That was all well and true until I read LKW's blog and was crying with laughter. Que make-up running down my face, which then had to be taken off. I WILL NEVER WEAR MY PINK EYELINER AGAIN! It's literally stained my skin where I put it. I look like a fucking panda. But instead of black spots it's fucking PINK! Holy hell, that stuff is evil...

Hmm, another though I'll have try and get my parents to buy me and Edward Cullen doll while we're in Ireland next week. Mwahaha. We always get spends, so I'm hoping they'll let me save mine, so that I can get myself one of those very gorgeous dolls. Or I may just save up and get a Full-sized Edward to scare the crap outta my mother and father. That would be fuuuuuun. (I gotta act like a kid while I can still blame it on the fact I'm a teenager... I only have 8 months till I'm 20!)

I just need SOMETHING to do. I can't just sit in my room and stare at the half naked picture of Taylor Lautner... Wait a moment... Yes I can. But I do need something more than that. I also need to find more Victoria pictures before this Bryce Dallas Howard begins to show up as her. She will not be my Victoria. Scummit made a real big mistake with that move

ANYWAY! I will not go down that road because It will start a big ass rant hehe. BUT! You should all go see these sites you know. Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife, TWITARDED and Confessions of a Twicrack Addict. The first two are just fucking nuts, in the laughing-so-hard-you-piss-your-pants kinda nuts. And the other is just for complete and fucking TONS of Twilight news :P

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