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Changing Luck: Chapter 9 - Dress

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe :P

Chapter 9 – Dress

I sat on the back of the toilet, my feet on the closed lid and my head buried into my hands. That had to be the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me.

I heard the bathroom door open and I was thankful that this restroom had more than three stalls. I needed time to think of a way to leave this restaurant without them spotting me. That was going to be very hard

“SAMMIE! You alright?” I looked up to see Rachel hanging over the top of the divider and watching me

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just, so embarrassed. It was one of those, I-hope-the-floor-opens-up-and-swallows-me moments.” I looked up at her and stood up, opening the door as I did so.

I froze as I pulled open the door and saw Ashley, Elizabeth and Nikki standing there looking at me

“Are you okay, Sammie?” Elizabeth smiled slightly at me and came to my side “We should clean off that soup before it dries”

I nodded a little and let her lead me towards the sink while Ashley and Nikki grabbed paper towels and began to dab at the mess on my skirt

“Thanks, I feel really stupid because of all that” I sighed a little and looked at myself in the mirror before looking at Ashley and Nikki who were washing little bits of my skirt

Rachel began to dab at my back with a paper towel “It’s not your fault, the waiter knocked ice tea down your back. He’s apologised and he’s been suspended for the night. Jackson gave him an ear full” she grinned and looked at me. Her eyes questioning.

“Ooh, I wondered what had touched my back. I just knew it was cold. I should really go though” I took the paper towels off Nikki and Ashley “Thanks for that guys.”

All four looked at me and frowned deeply “You can’t go; we’ve only just started eating. Look, you come with me and Ash and we’ll go grab some clothes from a shop round the corner and then come back” Nikki held onto my arm and began to pull me towards the bathroom exit.

“Uhm, I don’t know. Thanks but, I don’t think I’d be able to face them again after that.” I looked down at the floor as Ashley linked with my other arm.

“We’ll go sit back down and keep the boys entertained. Come on, Rachel” Elizabeth took Rachel’s arm and pulled her out of the bathroom and towards the table as Nikki, Ashley and I left.

We literally ran past the other tables and out of the front doors, while Elizabeth kept the others distracted so they didn’t notice our departure.

When we got outside, Nikki and Ashley grinned and dragged me around the corner towards a brightly lit clothes shop. I think my jaw hit the ground when I saw the prices of the clothes in the window. This was too expensive; I’d never be able to pay them back

“Nikki, Ashley, this stuff is just too expensive” I said as I looked around the store, my fingers brushing across a soft dress.

“Don’t be stupid, this is nothing. I mean, twenty dollars for a top is not bad at all” Ashley smiled at me while picking up different garments and holding them at me before shaking her head and putting them back in their rightful place

Nikki squealed and pulled out a gorgeous dress that was soft purple in colour “This is perfect! And the style is almost the same as the one you have on.”

Ashley ginned and nodded before taking my hand and pulling me behind Nikki and towards the tills

“Eighty dollars on a dress! You two are mad, that’s a lot of money to spend!” I tried to talk them out of buying the dress to no avail. This was crazy; Rach and I could buy a load of food for the flat with that amount of money. And here they were, blowing it on a dress for someone they’d just met

“Listen Sammie, Jackson likes you, so we like you. So, if we want to spoil you and Rach, we will. And stop pouting, it doesn’t suit you” Ashley thrust the bag into my arms and pointed to the dressing rooms “Go change, boys can only be entertained for so long you know”

I muttered under my breath and made my way to the changing rooms. I pulled the ruined dress over my head and slipped the new one on. It was nearly the same cut as the other, this one fitted better though. I suppose that’s why it always costs more for better quality

I stepped out of the changing room, the ruined dress stuffed into the bag and smiled as I walked towards them “Let’s go eat” I said as I moved to the door

Both of them nodded at me and grinned before following me outside the shop and back towards the restaurant


Dada duuuum hahaha! I’ll put up more once I’ve got around to writing them...

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