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Changing Luck: Chapter 4 - Breaking the news

Any characters in this story that link to real life people are purely coincidence... blah blah blah. You get the picture.
I dreamt this. So be easy on me, it's my first time (:
Ooh and this is not Twismut. Sorry to disappoint anyone hehe :P

I've also decided (4 chapters in) to start naming them lol. They're crummy, but ooh well :P

Chapter 4 – Breaking the news

I stood there, waiting for the lifts when it hit me. I’d just met Jackson Rathbone and Robert Pattinson. I’d talked to Jackson like he was a life long friend. We talked about everything.

God, I wasn’t going to sleep now. And I highly doubt Rachel would believe me. I stepped reluctantly into the lift and sighed a little. I wonder if Rachel was up yet, and if she was, why hadn’t she come looking for me?

Ooh hell, if she was awake she’d be waiting for me and she’d be like a bat out of hell.

I stepped out of the lift and headed to the door, I half expected it to be open with her sat in the dark like a bond villain. There went my imagination again. I took a deep breath and sighed softly before I put the key into the lock.

I think I must have screamed, I sure as hell knew I jumped about ten foot in the air. Just as I put my key into lock, Rachel yanked the door open and glared at me.

“Reception just called. I thought they were phoning to say they’d found you dead in the pool you know!? Where the hell did you go?” she stood there, glaring at me and tapping her foot.

I pushed past her and into the room before collapsing onto the bed, I yawned loudly and turned to face her “What did they say when they called?”

She continued to tap her foot, her arms folded across her chest. I forgot she jumped to every conclusion and not even come close to the right one.

“They said a package was left at the desk for you. They said it was for ‘Sammie’” She made a noise through her nose and sat on the edge of the bed “Who you been talking to at the gig that would leave a package for you?”

My future best friend, that’s who, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you anyway. So what does it matter Rach? I’m real tired. Let me sleep”

She snorted again and jabbed me in the ribs “Sammie tell me. Please, please, please tell me. You know you want to.” She looked down at me and pouted a little, trying her puppy dog look on me

“Fine” I said as I batted her hand away from my rib cage “Just go sit on your own bed before I tell you. I don’t want you collapsing on top of me”

She grinned and sat in the middle of her bed cross legged and waiting for me. She looked like a kid at Christmas. Then I thought to myself, this would probably the best present she ever got.

“Well” I said as I looked at her “You remember the band we went to see?”

She rolled her eyes and nodded “Of course I do Sammie! Just tell me, please!”

I yawned and stretched out on the bed “It wasn’t someone I talked to at the gig. It was after when I went downstairs so I didn’t disturb you. His name was Jackson something” I waved my hand lazily and tried hard not to smile as I saw her eyes bug out

“What was his surname!? Ooh, Sammie, tell me!” She was literally jumping on her bed with excitement

“Ooh that’s right. It was Jackson Rathbone, now I remember. He’s probably who left me a package”

I instantly covered my ears as she screamed and bounced across onto my bed. Her face more animated then I’d ever seen it in her life

“You met Jackson Rathbone! Seriously!? You met him!?” she bounced on the edge of my bed and continued to squeal with excitement

“Cut the squeeing, Rach. You’ll need your voice for tomorrow and I’ll need my hearing in tact thanks.”

She stared down at me and frowned in confusion “Why? What’s happening tomorrow?”

I yawned lazily “Get off me and I’ll tell you”

She quickly moved off me and paced up and down the length of the room, frowning as she tried to think what could be happening tomorrow

I let out another lazy yawn “You’ll need your voice because you’re going to be meeting the rest of the twilight cast tomorrow”

I had less than a second to react before I got hit in the face with my bag. I moved my bag and glared at her then groaned. Ooh no, she had that look, dammit. I should have told her after I got some sleep

“Rachel, no, I’m too tired. We can do it later this afternoon. Just let me get some sleep.”

“Hell no, we need nails doing, and we need to pick out new outfits. I’m not meeting the cast in the scruff I brought with me” she pushed her hands on her hips and glared at me

I heaved myself off the bed and sighed heavily “Fine, we’ll go shopping, but I’m grabbing the package from the front desk while we’re there”

She grinned at me and yanked my arm before physically pushing me towards the lift as I stifled a yawn. Today was going to be long, very long. Now that Rachel had a list of what needed doing in her head. There was no stopping her


More to come soon =D
And I’m sure we all have friends that are like Rachel here :P

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