Saturday, 29 August 2009

Uber groan

So, today was the next day of the "need money to see Kellan Lutz" fundraising things me and TG are doing. And it's, yet again, it was another car boot sale. Only this time it's a bank holiday weekend, so we hoped we'd be getting more people turning up. Our hopes were squished because there is another one tomorrow. Uber groan.

Thing is, we only got £97 last weekend. And I know it sounds alot, but since the tickets are £300 for the pair, it's only a third of what we need.

Unfortuantly, luck was not on our side and we only raised £47. After paying the lot and stuff we only had £134 altogether. So, it looks like we won't be melting our eyes with the sexual Kellan Lutz. Instead, we will be slurging out on Twilight merchandise. We have £67 each, so that will get us Mini E, the 2 disc edition of Twilight and what ever other stuff we want hehe.

There's always next year, and that way we get to meet the rest of the cast too. Look out America, we're coming and we're LOUD!

Hehe. So, wednesday we will be documenting the adventures of Mini E in liverpool. This will be fun. Watch this space hehehe :P

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Rob's Swiss Miss said...

What the hell, no Kellan hotness to be had in person?! Boo!! Ugh...that totally sucks.

But, on the bright side, it seems like all of the cast appearances end up being cancelled at the last minute due to Eclipse filming. So maybe you just saved yourself some heartache when they inevitably pull Mr. Sexypants at the last minute.

And thankfully, there are supposed to be twi-conventions for the next three years at least...plenty of time to partake in the mancandy viewing :)