Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Seth and Leah announced

Yeah, I don't care if every other site is blogging about this. I had to post the fact that Julia Jones and BooBoo Stewart have been named as Seth and Leah. I literally squeed when I saw that BooBoo will be playing Seth because that's the way I pictured him in the books.

Leah on the other hand. I imagined her differently, but now I've seen the picture of Julia, I've completely changed my mind on how I see her. I'm just so freeking happy right now.

Literally Squeeeeee

I know that alot of people will not agree with me on the fact I think they are perfect, but ooh well. Everyone has their own version of Leah and Seth, and these two are mine. Summit finally got something right.

And I honestly cannot wait for the Jasper scene's in Eclipse. I must say, that I LOVED reading about his past. Eclipse better live up to the books standard because I think that alot of people, myself included, absoloutly love that book. I'm not sure why it is, but I've read Eclipse more than the other three books. Seriously, my Eclipse book looks battered I've read it that much.

Ooh, and I may or may not put Chapter 6 of Changing Luck up. Not too sure. You got two chapters yesterday after all lol

But I may do. So keep watching this space :P

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