Sunday, 9 August 2009

Robward Cullinson

Well, today has been extra specially Twilighted. I've watched the video of Robert Pattinson pics put to Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon a million times (Thanks Twitarded) then went for my daily dose of Robward. I was actually brave enough to type Robward into google image search and it came up with T-shirts for him! So I started looking at the links, just to make sure none of them are misleading. When I see a link to Twitarded underneath one of the pictures. I swear those girls have got a finger in every pie (a couple of toes too by the looks of it)

Hell yeah! I want it!

It actually doesn't surprise me anymore. But I do want a Robward/Robert/Edward T-shirt. I may even stoop as to just buying a plain white T-shirt and edit the fuck out of it myself. And anyone who knows me, knows that's a bad idea. I refer people to the bleach streaked purple and blue shirt I did. Because some fucktard decided to put bleach somewhere and this idiot managed to locate it with her top. I also refer to the cut up 3/4, dyed black, fabric painted to fuck jeans I did when I was like 16. When I start doing something. I do tend to get carried away, it's shown here too with my mad ramblings. But anyways, I was top searching after that and found this little gem

Amen, T-shirt!

I agree with the T-shirt (or T-shit as I keep typing because my r button doesn't want to play nice with me today) Who can honestly say they do not love HP for bringing us this god-like creature? I don't actually mean the WHOLE HP thing, just the fact they cast him. And we also have to love KStew for the simple fact she was the one who literally talked Catherine Hardwick into casting RPattz in the role of Edward.

And for those of you who need an RPattz fix. I looked ALL over the internet (well... Just google...)

Look at that chest hair and fucking awesome pout! *thud*


Christina Padilla said...

love the robward cullinson tshit. awesomfriggentastical.

if i had the photoshopping skills I would totally insert "I <3 SVO" on that first pic of Robward. and make a "I love christina padilla" one too.


Shiny Volvo Owner said...

Wooo! But you don't need photoshop! There's an online site that I use to edit pictures =D