Saturday, 8 August 2009


Well, the rugby season is upon us. FUCK YEAH! That's all I have to say
St. Helens saints are playing tomorrow, WEEEEEEEE! They are the local team where I was brought up (St. Helens obv :P) and when I was younger we used to go to as many home games as possible. I remember one night after a match they put on a light show there, I was about 6 or 7 but I've never forgot it. It was fucking amazing! Then going getting chips in newspaper after a game... Ooh the good times. (I used to play rugby as well when I was younger. I was that type of girl on the pitch. You know the one, right? The 'I'm gunna take you the fuck down if you get in my way' kinda girl :P) And as per usual I've ended up fighting with at least one person who thinks that Saints aren't all that good... (Ensue Twitter arguements, mine via text :| If you wanna follow me just click SVO, for my arguement buddy click MTP)

MTP wolve's baby! not exactly Vikings but go ed! just beat Wigan an I'm happy :p
SVO Widnes will kick them lol. Saints tomorrow though! Am fucking excited!
MTP saints suck flange......
SVO Ooh you did not just fucking slag off the saints! Man whore!
MTP I think I did.... yher I did Vikings FTW
SVO I follow Widnes when saints ain't playing. But saints is just the ultimate so screw you
MTP Vikings are GOD so stfu lol
SVO Are fucking not! Saints are god and are gunna trample everyone!
MTP Vikings just devestate the field....
SVO Uhm. I've seen them play. I know they do. But saints are just fucking immense
MTP Ahaaaa no
SVO such a good comeback. Because you know I'm fucking right (:
MTP as right as my left foot.....
SVO your feet are both right and so am I. You know it fuck face

So it continues on like this. Neither of us is backing down at this point. Because no matter what someone says you always stay true to your team :P
Bit like with Twilight I suppose. You have your teams and you stick. I'm team Alice, because she's fucking amazing. When it comes to choosing between Jacob and Edward though... I'm Switzerland. Well I'm not sure who's the best out of the two *covers ears so she's not deafend by the screams* but I'm sure that someone will tell me.

And YAYS! I got my first follower today. Poor love, reading my ramblings is not pretty :P It's actually one of the people who owns another Blog site that I constantly look through. So if you want to go see her blog, it's here.

Ooh and holy mother of vampires! The pics I've sent to JJ and STY over at Twitarded, and LKW over at Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife have been put on their blogs. Que my ultimate blushing when I saw them on the blogs. I had a lump in my throat from it. Those girls are just AMAZING! The ones on LKW's blogpost KStew not happy with Robkey wife? were inspired by her daft ass playing around on FaceInHole, which is a fucking amazing site. I did one of my own :P

I make a good Jane, Don'tcha think?

After the obsessive Twilightness of that, I then decided to go play about with more Twilight pictures that I have. Que stupid ass comments on random ass pictures :P

There was a site that was introduced to me by Clare Bear, where you could actually upload a photo, edit the fuck out of it then upload it straight into your pictures folder. (Website found here) It's alot like paint, only much, MUCH BETTER! As in they have fuck loads of random fonts, different colours and it's so easy even a chimp could do it... Or a Twitard who can't use computers that well, jus' sayin'...

Alls that is left to say is... GO FUCKING NUTS! And I want to see any and all pictures that you make. You can send them to me at (Yes, I'm English :P). I really should get an acount that has something to do with my blogger name. Meh, I'll get round to it, someday...

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