Monday, 5 October 2009


I know I've been quiet, But I really don't have anything to say.

I just... I think that I may have actually ran out of steam. Who ever thought that this one would ever run out of steam? I suppose that's what happens when your Twihard friend is awol and you have no one as crazy as yourself to bounce the madness off AND you are the only person running a blog.

I know. I'm in a moaning mood. So you'll just have to deal with that fact.

On the other hand!!! It's 46 glorious days now until the lovely day is here. And also, Tickets go on sale in the UK on the 8th November acording to my sources. (Becky you're a love ;P)

Also, I went shopping, and for those who read Clipped Wings & Inked Armour. Here is a candle I found. I HAD to get a picture of Mini-e next to it. I may also have to go back and buy it.... Hmmm. Should I?


Fire Crotch said...

I'm loving me some CW&IA, but I'm behind...still haven't read the new chapter...hopefully tonight!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

You're just taking a twi-break my love. [Although I'll give you a moment to mope about.] Things will pick up and you'll need the online outlet to "squeeeee" about how fabulous the movie was! So don't you dare go anywhere ;)