Thursday, 22 October 2009


LOOOOOOOOK! I have a rather large New Moon poster of Edwards face. Those pictures beside it at A4. So you can tell just how big it is.

The person I have to thank for this? The woman at the library who said I could have it after Munky went up and asked her if I could because "I'm a big twi-nut and NEED the poster" (His words)

I think I've found my Twi-soul mate lol. She even confessed that she has an FSE (full-sized Edward) in her office downstairs at the library. Unfortunatly, my Mini-e was NOT in my bag at the time. The one time I don't have him and it happens to be when I meet another Twihard!

Look at the pretty!!

Prom tickets which are stuck to my wall so I won't loose them

Ooh yes, and this lovely woman also said that there will be a Twilight prom night a week this friday...
Well, as all we Twi-hards do... I squeeled and bounced on the spot (much to the dismay of my friend. He knows I have a problem and he CONSTANTLY reminds me of this fact) and then managed to get said friend to come too.
Thing is, it's a proper prom theme. So I'm going to be running around in my big dress (which I can't breathe in because my boobs are bigger since I left high school 3 years ago) around a shopping centre... Which, I might add, should hopefully not be packed as it normally is... and he will be in a Tux. Fingers crossed my other Twi-hard friend should be coming too so there will be two of us running around in big dresses.
Also, yesterday, I went around the shopping centre on the hunt for anythin/everything Twilight related. I literally went into every shop there was there... These are the things I found.
RPattz and New Moon calender stuffed in-between Doctor Who and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Alls I have to say is that someone out there has the EXCACT same tastes as me.
Because there is no way this was coincidence.

I then ventured into another shop and spotted calenders too. Can you see who's at the bottom?
No? Well, here's a closer view

Yes, that's right. RPattz. Needless to say I was pissed and then proceeded to move them to eye line height so people would see him.

Yes, there are TWO RPattz books here. As well as the lovely KStew and Taytay.
P.s. The Tay pics are of him when he was younger... *shudder*

Okay, so it's not Twirelated persay... But still... Rpattz loves cupcakes. We love cupcakes and RPattz, so it's a win win!

So, these are the reasons I have not blogged much. Because, I have infact, been out searching for Twi-merch and making new Twi-hard friends.

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