Friday, 30 October 2009

Welcome my new blogger buddy

So, my other English Twihard friend and I got talking. And drinking... and then tweeting each other. When it came to mind that she should come be on MY blog.

See, the thing is guys and dolls, that Dee has a bet going with her parents that if she gets a lot more followers, then her parents will contribute money to her side of our trip to LA in June to see the Eclipse premier.

Instead of bullying you lot into following her BLOG. I thought, Hey, she needs followers. So she can come to our lovely home and help with me too hehe.

So, please welcome my lovely English friend to my wonderful blog.


Kellans so happy that he's jumping for joy!

1 comment:

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

A friend of yours is a friend of ours. (And if she loves Kellan as much as we do, then I welcome her with open arms!) Bring on the shenanigans.