Friday, 30 October 2009

This is so exciting =)

Hi family *hugs* i'm Deejay! So Emma told you a bit about my bet with my parents in her previous post, but here's the actual dealio... Once apon a time... a few weeks ago actually... me and Emma were introduced by our US bestie Vanessa, we started talking and decided to go to the LA premier together (we were planning to go on our lonesome, but then we became friends and planned to go together) anyway long story cut short... as my job is crap basically, I need more money ASAP for the trip, I recently made my blog and my mother thought I was going insane because I am and will always be completly obsessed with the Twilight series- she's the sort of person who doesn't like to waste money- so she said to me that if I can prove to her how much love I have for the series she will give me some money towards the trip (I am not going to say no to that offer so I accepted) She said if I can get more followers she will help me. So there I was sitting at home eating fizzy haribo's and having a drink when Emma came up with this BRILLIANT idea- she asked me to be apart of her blog- and because I think this blog and Emma is awesome I accepted!! To return the favour I offered her a place on my blog and she accepted! So now we are partners in crime!!
I am team Switzerland- only after I read Breaking Dawn, however I do have more love for Vamps, I love Kemmett and Robward... and that's about it... Oh I'm craaaazy and it rubs off onto people so smiles all around!
Love to you all and Emma I lovey you girly- only 8 months and a few days to go for our unforgetable trip!! WOO!!

Peace X

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Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Welcome aboard Miss Deejay ;) I'm more than willing to help the cause for any Twi-lover. And to cross the pond for the Eclipse premiere? Too cool.

Just became a follower on your blog...hope your mom will fork over some extra money for the trip.

And good luck to both you and SVO on your bloggity partnership :)

PS - I'm Team Swiss I think we'll get along just fine!