Thursday, 15 October 2009

My very first giveaway!

Well, I have to say I was rather shocked (in a good way) that:
Firstly, someone would want to give my tiny little blog and small band of followers a freebie to give away
And secondly that it was from Cafe Press.

Now, I absoloutly fucking love that place (And have planned to spend a majority of my pay check on stuff from there when I get that job on Monday ;P). It is THE place to go for Twilight tee's and all other forms of clothing.

Don't believe me? *snorts* Then go here

Still don't believe me? Then here! Check out this tee. (I adore this shirt)

Now, for the give away. I'll give one of my lucky, lucky readers a chance to win a tee. Of course, I need you all to bully your friends into entering (Use the first link to go see the stuff) I also need you all to pass around the CafePress. Especially if you're a reader from the UK. And kick all your other UK readers here for this thing.

To determine the winner. I want you all to go to the website, pick your fave tee and post it under the comments section. Then I want you all to go, find a picture of one of the Twilight cast, Edit it up with some random comment and send it to me.
I'll let the winner know as soon as possible :P

And to give you a hint of what to do...

And a great big thank you to CafePress for this. Love you guys and especially Golda who emailed me with this opportunity ;P
P.s. Here is a great website to do the pictures on. It's the one I use.


"Miss Shoe Box" said...

How have I not known about this site until now?!?! I totally want this shirt! A little snarkiness directed towards the hubs who insists upon reminding me of this exact quote on a daily basis..I can't help my urge to compare him to Edward...*shrug* ;)

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I probably don't count...seeing as we're on the other side of the pond. However, this shirt is the shizz. Why? Because I already own it biatch!

I will harass you with random pics shortly...