Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Twilight products... The good AND bad

As you know, I've been .... away? Can I really call it that seen as all it is, is reading FanFic and loosing myself in the Twilight books yet again?

Anyway. I have decided that, since there is hardly any news worthy posting material available, that I will bestow upon you all the best, worst and down right weird Twilight related merchandise that is available to anyone with a plastic card with money on it.

Okay, as Team_SixPack said in the email...
"What is with that creepy doll!! and did it need a Twilight shirt??"
And I totally agree with her. It's a really damn creepy doll and that T-Shirt is just... I dunno. It's really damn weird

This doll is just so, damn, weird looking. I don't think I've ever seen a doll look like this. I think they even tried to give her Bella hair. Maybe not. But at least it isn't as bad as the Taycob wig.

Uhm... Bella inspired Tutu? Anyone else wonder what the hell they were drinking?
Ooh, and it's the blue one on the side. It's good, I have to admit. But it's just more people jumping on the Twilight bandwagon

I think I actually spat out my juice (It was midday. I don't drink alcohol at midday....) and had to do a double take when I saw this.
Not only is it wrong, it's down right creepy as well.
I know there are people that want to rub themselves on Taylor, but using his face to wash yourself while you're cleaning is just... wrong on every level

I'll let the description from do the talking..

Look, I’m a vampire! What? Wait let me lower the glass a little bit. Okay now look! What? Okay how about now? No? Try putting your head on the table and looking up at me. See? It’s like I’m drinking blood. Because I have fangs. No, on the glass. No, those are etched in the glass so it looks like I . . . oh fuck it.

I nearly pee'd myself when I saw this. I only saw a thumbnail so, I englared it. And then saw the last line. Who said Twilighters never had a sense of humour??

Anyone else that has any, questionable Twilight merchandise, then please email me then. Because I swear if I search for anymore I'm going to scratch my eyes out :P


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Twilight + humor = pure awesomeness. That ice cream cake is splendid.

OK, that's it...I'm going to eat lunch at my desk and surf for twi-stupidness.

Await my glorious results...

"Miss Shoe Box" said...

hahaha.. These still make me giggle.. :) So the Blythe doll or the creepy doll, whatever ya wanna call her, has its own following. We are addicted to Twilight and as serious as we take Twilight, they take the Blythe dolls and their community just as serious. I have a friend on Twitter @cybermelli who first introduced me to this community..her avi is actually one of her dolls..She collects them and honestly some of them COST A LOT OF MONEY! I was shocked, but it's true. Anyways, they have gatherings similar to TwiCon and the works. Yep.. :) She has a blog on here.. I'll sen ya the info Zoom. She has tons of pics of the dolls on there w/links to flickr for more!