Monday, 28 September 2009

The day out

Okay, I know I've not been around to blog post due to reading Fanfic and family get togethers and also tons of other crap that has been going on.

And because of this, I'm going to bore the hell outta you all with my adventures that happened this Saturday ;P

We ventured to Matlock in the Peak District, which is now my all time very fave place. It was an awesome, sunny day. And when we got there... The amount of motorbikes that were around was amazing. I was in heaven and loving every minute of it!

Mini-e was very grumpy for the simple fact that it was going to be a sunny day and he'd have to stay in my pocket for most of the day

Unfortunatly about an hour and a half into the journey to where we were going, we got a puncture... A really, really bad puncture. The kind where you don't know it's happened except for the fact that it suddenly got really noisey.

Look, Mini-e was able to hire in the tyre for the simple fact it was that bad all the way around and the only way the rubber was still on the alloys was because this tear was only on one side of the tyre. But all the way around the tyre...

We finally got there, and there was this really pretty garden with really pretty flowers. Here is one of the flowers. Mum made me take a picture of a pink rose, which was good but I don't like pink all that much..

On our way home, we were staring at the sky. And when I say we, I mean me and my little brother because dad was glaring at the road maps and mum was "focusing" on driving. Anyway, we saw two hot air balloons. So mum decided to check it out, we came across two others. One was just lifting off and the other was beginning to inflate.

The wind kept hitting the side of the hot air balloon and it swayed from side to side, hitting the trees to the right a few times but not actually doing any damage to it.

It took them ten minutes to finally get it to this stage because the dude who was inflating it forgot to close the flap at the top and the hot air was escaping too quickly. They finally realised, closed them over and it inflated pretty quick after that. Although as it began to lift, it was still tethered to the jeep, making the jeep move forwards slowly as it lifted

They released it and it slowly began to rise up. While they did it though, the basket nearly tipped everyone out of it and my dad, as having stood so close to it, grabbed hold of it and held it steady.

We stayed until it flew into the distance. We all giggled madly and waved until the people got out of sight.

It was a pretty damn fun day. And one that I doubt I'll ever forget.

Oh, and just so he'll shut the hell up. Dimmeh you are mentioned in the post... Here =D

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Fire Crotch said...

Looks like a pretty serious flat...glad you guys were all okay! Mini-E did look kinda pissed...hehe.