Monday, 12 October 2009


As you know I've been relativly quiet on both Blogger and Twitter.

Blame my smutty sisters for that fact. They know what they've done.... Don't you!! Don't give me that look dammit!

Anyway, there is a point to this post. It's that fact that as I was looking on google before, I typed in Twilight Body Paint. And you've all seen the girl that went to comic-con completely covered from head to foot in paint in the semblance of something Twilight. If not, go look it up.

But, as I went to delete this from my search bar, I ended up with only Twilight Body, which then gave me the option of Twilight Body Glitter. Of course, I clicked it...

Can you say pee your pants with laughter?

I actually laughed pretty hard when I saw this. I honestly never thought I'd see this type of product on the markets. Then again we have seen the likes of the Esme's Veil that was for sale.... (Thanks to Twitarded for that one, It was really damn creepy)

And even if you thought they were bad. We have Twilight merchandise for the liqiour lover in all of us. What better way to combine drinking and Twilight then with a whiskey flask??

I'm sure the girls over at Twitarded would love this little product too. What's a Twilight viewing without a bit of alcohol on hand??

I'm sure you all have a lot more products that are bad/weird. Send them too me. I think the next few posts will be inspired by all Twilight products that are weird, strange, badly made and just down right weird. My email is at the bottom of the screen.

And also... WOOO! I'm at 12 followers. I'm so damn happy right now I may give you all 30 wonderful mins of any Twilight boys you want ;P


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

There is so much crapola to be had out there! I'll see what I can dig up and send to you.

I've seen the body paint girl...umm, it better be summer wherever she's going. But you have to admit it got her a bunch of attention (if that's what you're going for).

Woot! 12 followers should equal 12 tasty pics of KSlutz ;) I'm just sayin...

Bex said...
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Bex said...

Where the fuck have you been, when the fuck are you coming back and what the in the name of fuck is that creepy ass doll's head wearing???!!!

Mwah!!!!! xx

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

@RSM - I may have to do that! Hmmm... I think I will. One post for each of the boys ^^

@Bex - I've been lost in the world of FanFic and I should be back within the next few days... hopefully... if no updates turn up lol.
And the name of that THING is "Esme's Veil" and it is on sale......