Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Uh oh... the dares come out!

Well, today has been... FUCKING HILARIOUS

It started with Limey_1996 telling me that she's got an extended weekend from work. I'd blabber about how much she's a bitch for that, but the simple fact is, I'm not working yet so everyday is a holiday until some fucker at head office gives me a phone call to tell me I've got a 9-5 job so I can get some fucking cash together. I need the money and I think they can sense the fact so they're sticking their chubby middle fingers up at me. Fuckers.

Anyway, after her telling me she's got a holiday from work, she then said she's going to the beach. Ensue me winding her the fuck up, for the simple fact that I can and I LOVE doing it. And I think she knows that fact.

I told her to fantasise about RPattz in the sand. Which then reminded me of another thing. Two words.

Isle. Esme.

MWAHAHA. After this we both tweeted at each other about how she'd have to watch out that she doesn't build a sand version of the vampsicle and I said that she should build a sand version of the vampsicle and take pictures...

Well, after saying that she'd probably get banned from the beach and she wasn't going to do it because of her kids, I double dog dared her to make it and take a picture. And she's gunna. (If she doesn't I'm not gunna make her cuppycakes with edible RPattz faces on :P)
And I should know by now that if you double dog dare someone, that they're gunna triple dog dare you to do something worse back. Even though her's is in public, she can sneak off and do it. My dare has to be baked, sculpted and made to look just right with icing and edible glitter...

If you hadn't guessed already, she's triple dog dared me to me a sparkly vampsicle cake AND take pictures of it. So, let's just say that either this weekend or sometime during next week my friend's house will be raided so I can use his cooker and his home without the fear of being caught by someone who doesn't know about the dare. Watch this space....

Who the fuck knew you could get molds? I won't be using one though lol.
And I would have put up a pic of penis cake, but they're rather.... Disturbing :P


Limey_1996 said...

Holy friggin cock! I can't believe I'm going to make a vampcastle, on the beach with lots of people all around me. Thank god my hubby will be at work and my friend is going with me, she can entertain the 3 kids (all under 11) whilst I sculpt the VAMPCASTLE. Getting heart palpitations just writing the bloody word. I'll have to bring Mini-E with me so he can see, hopefully he doesn't faint! Or me for that matter, can just imagine my picture in the local friggin paper- local woman fainted as she was making a penus sandcastle, with my friggin mug lying next to it, hope to shit my tongue won't be stickingout. Shit, say I get arrested for a lewd act God, I'm feeling kinda sick!! hahaha

I'll have to chat up the lifeguards, so they won't think I'm completely mad.

Zoomage, you know if I can do it, I will. God friggin help me!


Tasha said...

Okay, I HAVE that pan.

It was for work and I had to bake two cakes for someone. Given to me by a coworker who loves penis shaped things. Has everythung under the sun.

When my daughter saw me frosting the cake I told her it was the space shuttle.---true story