Friday, 11 September 2009

OH MY *died*

Seriously, unless you're living under a rock (Or abstaining from watching/reading any spoilers) then you would have seen the new, New Moon trailer.

And OH. MY. GOD!!

I officially LOVE Chris Weitz. Who cares if he's changed the Volvo?

I don't care anymore. The wolves don't look shit, they look fan-fucking-tastic.

And the Volturi scene? OMG! The look on Jane's face... So, so, good. Dakota Fanning = Amazing Jane. I can't keep watching it without squeeing like a mad person. I swear if they filmed me I'd looked like I should be in a straight jacket in a nice, white, padded room.
I also had to watch this gorgeous trailer on the computer downstairs with the volume turned right up. I clutched mini-e to me and held in the squeels until I was safely in my room. Because lord knows if the parents saw me squeeing at the computer screen and bouncing up and down like a crazy person I WOULD be in that nice, white, padded cell before you could say Twilight.

NOVEMBER WILL YOU GET HERE SOON!? Because I know that I won't be able to contain my excitement much longer.

Off to go watch that trailer for the ump-tenth time. God I love Twilight, god I love Chris Weitz... And even more importantly, I love the CGI people for beefing up the wolves. WOOP WOOP!!


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

HA! I'm glad I'm not the only one SQUEEEEEEEEEing madly in silence! Mr. Swiss and Baby Swiss are still sleeping as I covertly steal away some twi-blogging time ;)

I still prefer the sporty silver C30 Volvo (how are we going to spin out and burn out in an SUV?) but it's all irrelevant with the massive amounts of AWESOMENESS to be had in this movie.

And we bought our midnight showing tickets yesterday - Twiangle in the hizouse!!!!

VW - Forkners. No, seriously. It means we're destined for VanForks baby!

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

You have no idea how insanly jealous of you I am hehe.

OH! Did you see the one with the extra bit at the end???

Oh... My... EDWARD!!

I NEED THE VMA'S STAT! I can't wait 2 days lol. To see the New Moon Trailer on my TV with the volume turned right up is going to be AWESOME!!

In fact, screw the VMA's. I need November 20th! And I need the shitty cinema'sto advertise the fact that they have the tickets on sale.

I'm going to camp out if they don't have a pre-sale on those tickets. And I will personally hurt any teeny-bopper that tries to get in front of me. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

Oh god. Here come the squees again XD

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

P.S. I heart your VW haha. It's meant to be!!