Monday, 21 September 2009

Another still !!!

To add to a few of the other stills we have from New Moon, here is yet another one. And I have to say, that this still is fucking a!!

I squeed when I saw this because... well just LOOK at it!!!

Thanks to Twi-crack Addict for this picture

I know I've been giving Chris Weitz a lot of praise. Don't look at me like that, I love the guy!

But I think I have a whole new brand of worshipping should be invented for this guy for the simple fact LOOK! It looks like the perfect. It looks like the exact way it did in the book. From the daunting ill look on Mike's face, Jake about to break into a smile and both their arms on the hand rests with hands turned up.

Can you say SQUUEEEE!!!???

I actually NEED for tickets to be on sale so I can stop worrying about getting in for a midnight viewing. I swear I will kick asses if anyone tries to cut in front of me while there!!

The planning has gone into action, though my second in command has been m.i.a. for a while, I haven't a clue where she's gone, but when tickets are released, this gal will be first in line and buying her tickets. Trust me, those little stubs will be saved and placed on the shelf that has become totally Twilight related


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Twilight shelf? I have like a 50 gallon tote filled with twi-stuff hidden in the closet (so Mr. Swiss doesn't get any crazy ideas). Bwuahahaha!

I might have to frame my ticket stub...or laminate it.

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

LMAO! Seriously. I have one shelf with the books, directors notebook, Twilight companion, special red edged Eclipse book, DVD, 2 disc DVD special, Mini-e, Emmett bear, inserts from mini-e's box and the plane tickets from when we went to Ireland and I got the Eclipse book XD
I also have one wall with loads of Twi-pictures and another wall on the way to being that way hahaha :P

I'll have to get updated pictures up soon :P