Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My first mini-E!!

Oh, my, GOSH!! I finally got a mini-e. SQUEEE! I also made a build-a-bear that looks sorta like Emmett. Or how I think he would look if he was a teddy bear. Obviously, today was the Twilight shopping day of myself and T. It was so, so, so much fun.

So, here is our day out. It's gunna be long but hope you like it hehehe :P

Edward broke out of his packet then climbed out of my bag

He then went to get money from the nearest ATM

Lucky bastard had plenty of cash in his account

We went to the apple shop. He wanted an iPhone

There was a Lamb teddy that looked like Bella :P
We found Jacob and his friends playing soccer

Edward tried on a few hats but they didn't fit

We went around and he found a top he likes.
He only like Liverpool because it's dull and over cast like Forks

He liked this top too. But I told him only one top

So he chose this one instead

He hitched a ride in my hat after a while

Edward found his look-a-like

I think he's been reading a little too much Twismut

Finally, Mini-E and Emmett bear meet. They horsed around on the bus for ages

So that was our Twitarded day. It was so much fun. Hope you like the pictures. More to come hehehe :P


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Yeah great you have Mini-E !!! He´s so lovely and I´m sure you will have tons of fun with him! The pic with him looking at the sex practice book is priceless!

Limey_1996 said...

Hahaha! You complete bloody nut!

I agree with Mrs.V that mini-E looking at the sex book is bloody brilliant. Especially as he's leaning in. haha

I want an IPhone too.

Love Emmett the Bear, just try not to dry hump him.


Latchkey Wife said...

I love Mini E... my mini E has been hiding out lately so he hasn't had a good adventure in a while! The Sex Practice book totally killed me!

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

You dirty bitches inspired that picture lmao :P

And Limey, don't worry. Emmett bear is staying on my shelf where I can't hump him :P

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Yay!! You've got your very own Mini-E! Hilarity ensues...

Pics are great...keep 'em coming!

Love the Emmett Bear idea...I don't think I would have your self control ;)

Lion Lovin' Lamb said...

Congrats on getting your very own Mini E! Life is so much better with Mini E in it!