Monday, 7 September 2009

Mmm... Jackson

Now, I know that my poor little blog has gone down the toilet because I've just been submerging myself in FanFic and abusing the local shops and surrounding areas for jobs. Which has left little time for my blog. I really shouldn't leave it alone. It's not old enough yet.

But anyway, I was looking over the pictures I have of Jackson Rathbone in my rather large file of Twilight pics and just smiling to myself because he has to have (next to Kellan of course) THE cutest smile ever. I think most of them do actually.

And I remebered that Lion Lovin' Lamb (Or LLL) from The Twiangle mentioned that Jackson Rathbone to her was like Kellan Lutz to me. So just for her (and the rest of you who LOVE and ADORE Jackson Rathbone) here ya go.

Just too cute!

He's watching you, LLL

You can tell he's about to smile

I heart mohawk Jackson

LLL, What did you do to him? He looks all worn out

Ooh, Look at that smile *thud*

So, once you've picked yourself up off the floor. Go check out The Twiangle, they're amazing hehe.


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

SVO, you are beyond awesome ;) Thanks for the bloggity shout out. We <3 you too!

And LLL is gonna die when she sees this!

Wait till you see the pics of what I did with Mini-E this past Saturday (but you'll have to wait until next Monday's RAOT). hehe

Fire Crotch said...

I love his lips...seriously, I just want to lick them and kiss them and have them kiss me and...ok, I better stop. I made a Jackson video...check my blog. And hold back on the smut for a couple of days! Take a breather!

Canux For Cullens said...

Ah, he is so underappreciated! Love this post and the beautiful pics!

Lion Lovin' Lamb said...

This post couldn't have come at a better time! Thank you for getting me off of the ledge!
The only way I can even begin to describe him is "beautiful". And he will look worn out after our twication when I have my way with his vampsicle! Of course, I will be sitting in a Canadian jail. But there are worse jails to be in!

Again, thanks for the shout out and reminding me I do have something to live for! ; )