Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Twilight dreams

So, I've had some very weird dreams over the past few days.

The latest was one where myself, Dee (@deejay025) and Becky (@Becky_Boodles) are on a flight over to the states for the Eclipse premier...

Let me start you off. We were flying over on a normal airplane to LA and I went to use the bathroom. While in there, there was knocking on the door and I was told to hurry up and get out because someone else needed to use it. So I left it and asked what the hell their problem was. They then pulled me aside to explain that the toilets in first class were ut of use and that a famous person needed the loo.

They were about to bring them out when I explained the fact that we were midair and if they were famous then a stampeed would not be welcome. So they got me sticks and some material that I stapeled together and then myself and a few other people held it up to sheild them from the rest of the passangers.

That was when Kellan came out and gave me a great, big, smile and then went into the toilet. When he came out he thanked me and we chatted for a bit before my arms started to get tired and he said that I should grab my friends and come up to the front to meet him and some others before disappearing.

I went to get Bex and Dee and then explained to the staff that we could go because Kellan said he wanted to meet them. She, being the bitch in this dream, said we weren't allowed and that I was lying and that we should return to our seats.

Time passed and everyone on the plane fell asleep. I was woken up by Kellan shaking me slightly and telling me to grab the other two and come up front. We all went up front and sat around on the floor chatting to all the cast.

That's when the dream skips and we're all walking, including the girls we were meant to meet in LA, down the red carpet with Kellan and Jackson because we were invited by them. And just as we were about to enter I woke up from the dream.

Which sucks lol.

So, any of you Twihards had any dreams like this? Or any dreams with Edward and Bella?

I'd love to know so leave them in the comment box

You know you wanna share your dreams with me


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Wow...that pic is...him winking at me (or you, or both). Moving on...

My dreams all end up being about Mr. Lutz (I know, surprise - right?). Half are totally tame...we meet at a convention, he think I'm the fucking cat's meow because I make some witty comment, we leave all the tweens behind and meet for a beer at a bar later, just normal laughs and drinks. Then at some point the smirk comes out, which leads to dimples, and combustible panties. OK, the rest really can't be written here but you get the point ;)

Bex said...

Dude, WTF!! Did I look knock-out stunning on Le Red Carpet? ;)

Deejay said...

yh i wanna kno wat we were wearing... and if we had dates LOL!! But i'm always having dreams based on twilight and the cast... often they are based on Robward and Kemmett, but i'm loving this dream! Lets hope it actually happens hey!

i wear alice cullen pjs said...

so i must have had to much new moon on the brain i had a dream that i was part of the cast and Kellen and i were friends we went to a mall and were signing a bunch of autographs just kicking it .... i would have preferred a dream with Ashley * sigh*