Friday, 13 November 2009

Oh... wow..

I know I've been MIA a lot lately, but with New Moon so close I have to start with my battle plan. I'm not getting ANY sleep that weekend for the simple fact I'm seeing it at the 9.30pm showing on the Friday, then hopefully travelling up to see my friend at Uni and dragging her ass to the nearest cinema to watch it with her and THEN coming home and going to watch it all over again.

But, not only that, I have been writing a FanFic. I know, I know. There's a load out already but Bex (My beta and @Becky_Boodles on twitter) has already crowned Edward, GoodWithKidsWard... So, that's a good sign right?

Anyway, back to the original reason for this post. I've been told, and had it confirmed, that Scummit Summit Entertainment have allowed a clip of Eclipse to be shown before New Moon. Nw I'm not sure if it's specific locations or everywhere that gets it, but oh my lord I'm so excited and it's only SIX FREEKIN' days away!

To see the picture go here

Alls I have to say is.... BRING ON NEW MOON! WOO!


cutie said...


I can't wait to see this wonderment you are cooking up. Please understand I will drag my ass when it comes to reading it only because college is overwhelming to the point of I want to shot myself in the head... And it will have nothing to do with your wonderment... wow where did that bit of TMI and emo come from? LOL

Oh and you know my stance on the clip being released.... I am glad you are excited but... you know my stance. *winks*

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

I know your stand on it. And tbh I'm the same. I'm more excited that New Moon is coming out than I'm getting a sneak peek at a trailer. But also, I think it should be put at the end of the film so those who don't want to watch it can just leave without being tainted