Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Thank you

So I just wanted to quickly say Thank You to Emma aka the friggin fantabulous most awesome friend in the world for "revamping" my blog LOL! So I know I haven't posted on here since I said hi to you guys, but I will... On my blog I go deep into the series and other twilight related posts, and on this I want to attempt to post FUN things as well... I'm still trying to work out what though so... bear with me...? But in the meantime if you want to check out Emma's fabulous work then please do!
I promise in the future I will post on here as well, and I hope we'll become friends! like <- - - - - -  the two smexy beings in the photo =D Oh my.. that just gave me a great idea for my first official post on here... You're asking me what's the post...? Ahh but if I told you, i'd have to hurt you so... i'd rather not, but trust me, if you like Kemmett and Robward then you'll enjoy it! =D
So that's all I got... I hope you look forward to my official post- hopefully within this week... ok ok, tomorrow then!

Look forward to hearing from you guys!
Peace X (Deejay)

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