Monday, 2 November 2009

Winner of the tee!

Ash tweeted at me before about the fact she'd got her tee. She was majorly happy and even winked at me!

The top she got, as you may remember, was the "What do you mean Edward Cullen isn't real?" tee. So that she could annoy her hubby with it
Well, of course I badgered her until she gave in and sent me a photo.
Here is the lucky winner with her tee. And I think she looks lovely in it. Don't cha think?

I may have giveaways in the future so just keep an eye open for the special posts with COMPETITION in the title and you should be sorted

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"Miss Shoe Box" said...

FYI.. I had to use the timer on my camera to try to get this second one! I'm working from home today, so no co-workers here to snap a pic! But I did it for you, Zoomie.. only you! :)