Wednesday, 4 November 2009


It's 16 days away people. 16 FREEKIN DAYS!

It's so close I can almost lick it. Infact... I could actually lick it. I mean, I even have a New Moon Edward poster that I could lick now... But I won't. Becase I owe it to you all not to violate the Robward in that way...

16 days... 16 freekin' days!!

It seems just like yesterday that we were on day 100 and planning things to do for the premier. I know what I'm doing. I just need to buy a plain white tee, some tee transfer paper and the ironing board downstairs. And it's not gunna be any of that black marker crap. Hell to the no. I have more style than that.

I'm not called artistic for nothing you know. Just ask my mother... or take a look at my wall by my bed. It's got so many colours on it it's like a freekin rainbow. And not in a tacky way either. It's pretty damn cool.

Anyway, we're off track here. You know those tees you see on websites that have slogons on them? And they're £16-£30 for each? Well, my plan is to do my own design, buying a cheap white tee for £2 from ASDA, printer paper for £5 and doing that shit myself. It makes it personal, original and damn cheap to make too. And hell, the printer paper comes with 10 A4 sheets so that's 20 designs that can be made meaning that it only costs 25p per design. So that's a personalised tee that's unique to me and it's only costing me £2.25 to make. How awesome is THAT!?

I also have a battle plan set up. Meaning that I know when, where and how I'm going to the cinema. I also have the tickets stashed in a very secret place that no one would be able to find them if they tried. *insert evil laugh here*

Ooh, and a word of advice to anyone who will be at the Cineworld cinema in Runcorn on the 20th November to see New Moon. YOU SPEAK THROUGH IT AND I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL!

Respect your fellow Twihards and SHUT THE HELL UP. Okay, the occasional squee and/or gasp in the right places is fine. But a run through with the fucking film about how it is not like the book and I will go Volturi on your asses afterwards. And you will end up like Edward in the Volturi lair. I will smash you into the ground biatches!

And a word of advice to ANYONE going to the premier. Do not take a Twi-hater. You having to shush them while they make fun of the film is not fun for anyone so leave them at home please...

Well, that is all for now. More to come soon... I think


Bex said...

LICK IT!!!!!! ;)

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Amen sister! I'll be taping my own mouth shut just in case :)

PS - I'm totally stealing your iron on t-shirt idea (although it probably won't turn out at nice as yours!).

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

I can always make you a special design RSM hehehe :P