Tuesday, 3 November 2009


*wipes brow*

It's taken a few hours. Around 10 hours, to design and throw together a friends blo design. And... drum roll please! It's done! *fanfare*

As those of you know who are following me on twitter, I have been sorting out Dee's blog page. Turning it into a 3 column blog, making a banner for it and giving it a new background. Alls I have to say is, screw you blogger. Screw you harder than Edward screwed Bella in Breaking Dawn to make Renesmee. It has been such a bitch over the past two days. I swear to god it's worse than the Volturi coming to kill you because we know of their sparkly kind. (Yes, I've rehooked myself on Twilight. So the stupid ass whatever they ares will be coming out a lot more now)

So ya wanna see what the blog looks like I hear you say? Well! I say you go check out THIS link and see for yourself. And leave her some bloggy buddy love. And don't be afraid to follow her either. Ya know you want to...

Check out her blog and I'll do sexy things to you

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Anonymous said...

I just tagged you with the Meme that Twitarded started.