Friday, 6 November 2009

As promised!

So as promised, here's a post dedicated to my two favourite Cullen boys. As much as I love all of them, including Peter and Jackson- I do have more love for Robward and Kemmett!

(here's a question: would their names merged be "Pelisle", and "Jacksper" or "Carlster" and "Jaskson"?) (Emma tought me a new word "pfffffty"  so i'm all up for creating new words today)

I'm not just basing this on their incredibly good looks, and scrumptious bodies...Now we digress into sweet Kellward dreams.... few more seconds?....
Ok time to snap out of it...because believe it or not there is much more to them.

Emmett, as we all know is played by Kellan Sexy Lutz, (Yes he inherited a new middle name) he is married to Rosalie, and I don't know about you, but that actually makes me love him even more, (if he can put up with Rosalie, she must be really good in.....

 a relationship... He loves danger, which is very attractive. He is willing to fight till his death (no pun intended) for his loved ones- now that could be a Cullen boy thing, because all of them are willing to do it. He will take on danger with a smile on his face! Emmett has a great sense of humour, he is HIGH-Larious in Breaking Dawn especially, with his innuendos' about Bella's sexual relationship with Edward- haha good old Emmett! Behind his big, bad boy exterior that is seen by the humans, he is actually a great person, extremely loving and caring. This is slightly off topic, maybe this is coming from a feminist point of view, but I thought it was so intruiging that Rosalie saved Emmett from the GRIZZLIES! Emmett fits in with the Cullens, all of them are different in their own way, but the family will be incomplete without one of them... (thank God Stephanie didn't kill off any of the Cullen's else I would have been pissed!)

Kellan *sigh* WOW! Honestly this guy never fails to shock me. Even though I've never met him *cry* I've heard alot about him, the way he acts at fan events, - I think it's sexy that he did push ups on stage! Oh all that pumping iron in his bulging biceps (stop drooling!) is so incredibly attractive! But i'm not just basing my love for him on his looks, and physical activites haha no no! He seems so down to earth. He loves the attention he gets from screaming fan girls, I think I lurrruve him because he's the opposite of Rob. He deals with screaming girls with open arms- literally- I heard that he was being ("stalked") followed by a pair of girls at a twiprom or a twicon event- Kellan was going to each table and greeting his fans- which is awsome! but these 2 girls wouldn't wait their turn, instead they continued to follow him around, probably wanting to pounce on him hehe... now if this was a situation with Rob, his entourage would have acted before Rob even noticed, but this was Kellan and what does Kellan do...? He gives his fans what they want- he welcomed them with open arms! In interviews it seems he doesn't take himself seriously, he's having fun and dealing with his fame really well, he's not afraid to be himself around fans, and the media and THAT'S WHY WE LOVE HIM!!

Now Edward... everyone's (well almost everyone's) perfect guy! People seek Edward in their own men, seriously I'm not even joking, I read somewhere (it seems like I read alot...) that a lady ended her relationship with her boyfriend  because he wasn't Edward- Now that could just be a lie for attention, but there are times where I wouldn't put that past TwiFans... aaaanyhoo... Edward, we all fell in love with him the same time Bella did, I think that Bella was created as a simple, bland character so we as readers can become her- thus we fell in love with Edward when Bella did in the book! Like any other guy I lurrrrve, I love Edward because of his great looks, buff body, he's intruiging and mysterious and more importantly... HE SPARKLES- Ok so I haven't found a guy with all those factors... but I will one day, and I don't mean a guy with body shimmer on either- Real sparkly guys exist ok! He's chivalrous, and a sweetheart! I love his "I have to protect my lover" motto, these days if a girl is being chased by a hungry vamp the guy would say "heck no i'm saving myself, you're on your own bitch!" but not Edward... ooooh no! I have to admit though, I was so upset when he left Bella in NewMoon, but I never gave up hope... I knew he had to come back! I think I was at the stage of indenial when you're grieving... as i'm sure all Edward lovers were =( But I forgave him as soon as Bella saved him, I mean who can deny this...

Ok confession- that's not Edward!!... As much as it resembles him, I know!, but it's a cake with edward carved into the frosting... but who can deny this....

Bella couldn't! In Eclipse I fell for him harder than a child falling over running at top speed.. (that was such a bad oone i'm sorry...) But just how protective he was of Bella- for no reason, was the green light for me, I knew then that Edward was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with haha! He may have proposed to Bella, but he meant me... =/ and then in Breaking Dawn, he became a proud husband and papa, and boy did did he suit that role...sooooo cute! Just everything about him, I love, his over protective side, his dangerous Vampire side, and then is calm, loving side... he's peeeeeerfect in every single way possible! =D

Finally... the dark horse himself... Mr. Robert Pattinson! I don't just have love for him because he's playing Edward Cullen- note how I said playing not is =D Rob is humble, modest, and shy. I don't know about you, but at times when a person says that they're incredibly brilliant, beautiful and buff- it's a turn off, I start to dislike that person, and I know that Rob will never think of himself like that. He hates crowds, and I think he's dealing with his fame in such a great way it's inspiring! He's a chameleon he can go from playing Cedric Diggory ( a wizard) to playing Art in How to Be, to playing Dali in Little Ashes- it's a never ending list of achievements and talents, he can sing, play the piano and guitar and he is a darn good actor too! I think what we love about him is the fact that he's the opposite to how we'd expect a person with so much fame  to be. He wants to live a normal life, like being able to go for a walk and get a coffee without it being such a headline! His messy hair to his goofy humour it's just beautiful. I just hope in the future the media attention will calm down and let him be a little normal...?

I can write so much more about them, but I don't wanna put you guys to sleep... so enjoy these pictures =D

Peace X (Deejay)

Photo source: CW. breakingdawnfr

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Rob's Swiss Miss said...

*sigh* I try to remain Switzerland and not play favorites. But you just made me fall deeper in love/lust with these studs.

I like that Emmett and Kellan seem like they could be the same person. And can you not read all the stuff about Kellan and think he'd be the coolest guy ever to hang out with? (In or out of the bedroom.)

Edward - I love the mystery, the power, the protectiveness, the cold granite sparkly...(err, wait - got distracted). He's always cool, calm and collected to even out Bella. I can't wait for NM so I can fall back in love with Edward again. (Seriously...the internets has steered me straight to KSluts).

And Rob...I respect the humbleness, creativity, and a little bit of scruff. The man is pure sex, plain and simple. But I think I'd definitely wear the pants in that relationship. I need a sassy Kellan to keep me in place :)

Good lord, I just left a short story in the comment section! Good luck with the FF!