Friday, 6 November 2009

Alls I have to say is...

I know I've been date bashing on Twitter. But I'm having heart palpitations because of the date.

As Ashley said before: Im never gonna make it! Im gonna like totally have a heart attack n die that morning when I wake up n realize it's freakin' here!!

I'm the same. I think alcohol, a Twihard at my side and the freekin' tickets which are still hidden and no one knows about may just save my life on that day. I have no idea how I'm going to make it to the showing at 9.30 but, man alive, I'm getting in that queue early because I want the best seats in the house.

I so need to see this scene. I have to see how Jackson does this because, well, fuck me it was awesome in the book. And hell, look at that, he BROKE the piano. But, not only that, I've seen two other stills of this scene and it looks awesome.

Chris Weitz... I love you just from the trailers and stills. And I hope that stays the same when I see how you have done New Moon. Two weeks till judgement day. But I'm sure you'll live up to the expectations. Hell, you even made the wolves look better than a rabid Lassy... That counts for something

Let me know how you're all feeling about the date being so close. Anyone got a battle plan going? And what do you think of Chris Weitz?


crystal19k said...

AMEN I think about summs it up. Ohh and you may wana get a few Xanex to get you thru the movie lol.

TwiWorld24/7 said...

ALL HAIL CW!! Battle plan...? take out the enemy!! Literally- if i even hear a squeak out of stupid twihaters I. WILL. TAKE. THEM. OUT. ONE. BY. ONE.I will also take out any stupid people in the hall that scream for Rob etc! As for the part before... I booked my tickets and seats, but i'll go before for the sake of excitment!! heehee!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

How am I handling the date being so close?!? I'm going fucking insane! I'm on twi-overload. I'm trying to tune out and avoid all the incessant press junkets (as much as I want to ogle the pretties). I just want to go all twi-virgin (no trailers, no sneak peeks, no behind the scenes, no soundtrack, nothing) so that I can truly appreciate that first experience at the midnight premiere on the 19th.

Sweet jebus, it just needs to GET HERE!!!