Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Stupid days

Well I had a rather rude awakining this morning.
Having a rather weird dream where everyone in the street got arrested and made to wear Rugby uniform... (Yes I know I'm weird) When in walks my friend, throws something at me and I sit up yelling "NO! NOT THE FLUFFY SLIPPERS!"

Well... Let's just say that I have NO idea where that came from because I hadn't been dreaming about fluffy slippers...

So after that I get up and go to feed my little carnival fish, which I won 5 days ago and he was still going strong yesterday. Only to find him floating near the top of the tank on his side. His eyes haven't glazed over yet so I'm desperatly hoping the little fighter is only in shock
*fingers crossed*

Be well my little fishy =(

So after that, I end up beginning to tidy my room. Typical teenagers room, There's clothes everywhere. Empty lemonade bottles (Because cokes too damn expensive) and make-up EVERYWHERE! Well anyways, I get a big patch of the floor clean and my DVD's organised while Twilight is on the TV is in the background.

Which THEN makes me end up wanting my daily Twilight dose, Made even more tempting because the pile of clothes I have is slowing growing and the mother will KILL me when I end up putting them out. So, I get one of those Twitter updates on my phone from Hilly Hindi, of the Hillywood show, That says that Rachelle Lefevre isn't going to play Victoria in Eclipse!!

That does it, computer time. Time to see this for myself. I'm honestly upset that she isn't going to play Victoria. She was perfect for the role. And not only that she's a really sweet person and really really nice. She even has a little campaign going which is like a click to give thing. It's free and here's the link to it

But anyway. Let's just say that my cleaning has gone to pot again. Because I discovered Twitarded had a new blog post up! =D Alls I have to say is that, I'm SO DAMN GLAD that I don't work yet. Because for one, my phone doesn't get the internet so I would be getting taunted by Twitter updates all day and second, I don't think I would be able to function without my daily Twilight updates hehe

"You know you want to look at every picture you can of me"
How is it that he's so irresistable!? Hmm? Someone answer me dammit :P

Well anyways, It's absoloutly pouring it down here. I mean buckets. You could take a shower outside and be able to clean yourself properly with no problem. But, Like always Twitarded has made me laugh, especially STY and the threat of getting fired because of the e-mails she sends back and forwards.
Well I'm not the only one who absoloutly adores these two. As their many, many followers show. Keep up the good work and I'll stop throwing random pictures together with phrases for them =D

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