Tuesday, 28 July 2009

First bloggy thingie...

Well I have to say today has been very entertaining
I spent most of the day getting scratched up by kitty cats (don't get in the way if a kitten has gone hyper, Resulting scratches are NOT nice)

See what I mean?
It was a very, very painful experience
Anyway, the day went on as usual. I read the last half of New Moon for the... uhm.. 8th time now? Well let's just say the book is starting to look a little worse for wear after it all
But hey, Twilight and New Moon kept me sane while travelling in a damn car for the whole time I was away. My GOD I was pleased I brought them with me

God bless this book! But see what I mean about wear?

But anyways, I had my cousins 21st birthday party to attend. And typical English weather decided it was going to make good on it's bad name and rain. And when I say rain I don't mean a liht shower. I mean buckets of freezing wetness hitting you from everyside possible while the wind got you when the rain didn't.

All's I could think about was my nice warm bed, and Twilight. I was soooo desperate for my Twitarded fix that when I was literally bouncing in place when ever I got a message from Twitter to say that Jenny Jerkface or Snarkier Than You had tweeted something to do with the blog I had to remind myself that I would be home soon and be able to read it.

Well the JJ and STY didn't disappoint. I got on to find that they'd put up a donation thingie so they could purchase a Full Sized Edward. Now I've always laughed my ass off when it came to their mini-E adventures (and always been a little jealous. I must get me a mini-E. I MUST!) and now a FSE was going to be added to the mix? I was sooo happy. (Ya I know it was like 10 days ago, but shaddup. Even I miss things 'kay!?)

Well they got all their donations and I must say I'm looking forward to seeing their outcome


Ooh, And if you want to see their website for yourself (Be advised not to drink anything while reaing this, not unless you want to be drying out your comp for the next few hours. Ooh.. and minors.. NO! STAY AWAY! They will break your mind. It's only for the older people =D) then here it is http://twitarded.blogspot.com/

You have been warned

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