Thursday, 30 July 2009


So Summit have fucked up. BIG TIME

Silly ass fuckers have only gone and recast Victoria. Without telling Rachelle first and then decided it would be smart to release their own statement. Do they not realise the power of Twihards? They really have pissed off alot of people here

So anyways, I stayed up till 3am last night, because I wasn't going to bed while all this was going on, then was woken up at 9.30am today. Not pleasent I'll tells ya. But enough of my stupid ass ramblings.
I went a little OTT last night with pictures I edited, It was pretty fun. I just need better editing software then I'll be able to make them look semi-professional instead of kiddy like they are now hehe

I like to share so much I split him into three, Front ones mine!!

Okay, so you'll probably see this picture on google or something. Yes I stole the damn picture but who cares? It's up for grabs if it's on google ;P Though who ever did the picture orignially, well done! It's amazing. And I'll give you credit for it if I ever find out who did it =D

So, after my daily Robward stalking on the internet, I went looking over Twitarded... Unfortunatly I hadn't put my tea down (IT WAS EARLY! And I was sleepy and needed something hot to wake me up!) so my laptop screen ended up bathed in tea which was spluttered out. If you read it you would understand! . I swear if my laptop breaks because of this I'm suing! (Not really, but in this day and age EVERYONE sues now, so ya know...) But that belt buckle is just *drool*. I still prefer the Cullens crest to the Volturi one. I mean who would want a human bloodsucker by their special area? It just isn't right!

But I may just get this once I've got enough money and collect near enough every Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn item that comes onto the market! Even the damn adhesive bandages (plasters to us English folks) with Twilight on them I'll have them!

I wasn't lying when I said they had them

I even passed it onto a friend who is just as Twilight mad as me.
SVO text to CB: I found the Twilight plasters on play! You've got a link to them when you log on. Christmas wishlist needs adding to again
CB text to SVO: OME! I WANT! I WANT!
SVO text to CB: THEY HAVE A DAMN VOLTURI BELT BUCKLE! I fucking want it!
CB text to SVO: O... M...E!!

Needless to say we're both a little crackers when it comes to the merchandise. Only SHE can buy it where I can't :P
Damn her credit card to the Volturi lair. I mean it. I'll make one of those people eaters munch on it for their lunch (Okay, I'm a tad jealous. But she does work hard for that money. I've tried getting a job but no fucker wants me. I swear they all have it in for me!

We're the kinda gals that will sit in a quiet library, where people are working, and look over pictures of Robward and Twilight merch and squeel and turn monitors towards each other so we can see what's been found :P One of our other friends participated in this one day and from that day on became my little rant partner over what was missed in Twilight and what are the most important parts of the books that shouldn't be missed out of the films. Trust me... We're a little band and people DO get tired of it. But ooooh well. They can cover their ears if they need too :P

This is my crazy ass rant partner. Everyone should have one!

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